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'Treating protest as terrorism': US plans crackdown on Keystone XL activists

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Documents suggest an aggressive response to possible protests against the oil pipeline amid fears of another Standing Rock

Angeline Cheek is preparing for disaster. The indigenous organizer from the Fort Peck reservation in Montana fears that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline could break and spill, destroy her tribe’s water, and desecrate sacred Native American sites.

But environmental catastrophe is not the most immediate threat.

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Treating protest as terrorism is highly problematic

They are instant experts on quashing the indigenous insurgency. It’s very, very concerning

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'Highly probable' Pussy Riot activist was poisoned, say German doctors

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Pyotr Verzilov being treated in Berlin after falling ill last week after court hearing in Russia

German doctors treating a member of the Russian protest group Pussy Riot say claims he was poisoned are “highly probable” based on his symptoms.

Pyotr Verzilov, one of four members of Pussy Riot who invaded the pitch dressed in police uniforms during the World Cup final in Moscow to protest against excessive Russian police powers, fell ill after a court hearing last Tuesday and was taken to hospital in a serious condition. He was flown to Berlin on Saturday night.

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David Crosby and Friends review – the old Byrd is on fire and roaring

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Palace theatre, Manchester
The counterculture veteran purrs as richly as his twentysomething self and rages about today’s police shootings in a revelatory concert

Not many musicians have had such colossal impact on popular music as David Crosby. As a founder member of the Rickenbacker-jangling the Byrds and the mega-selling folk rock supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the activist and countercultural icon’s influence stretches from the Eagles to the Smiths to the Stone Roses to Bon Iver.

He has also led a rather colourful life, most notoriously doing time after crashing a car that had cocaine and a pistol on board. As several audience members comment, few expected him to reach 77 at all, never mind be in such ebullient, lively form. The Californian apologises for Trump and explains that his band wore Canadian maple leaf emblems on the flight over “because Canadians are nice people”. When a guy at the back yells: “I love you David!”, Crosby grins and fires back: “I love it when you say that, but can you get your sister to shout it next time?” Apparently, the gruff male overtures remind him of prison.

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Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing surveillance

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An image of a police computer screen posted during Thursday’s gas emergency showed bookmarks for several activist groups

At the height of Thursday night’s gas emergency that affected 8,000 people and in which one person was killed, Massachusetts state police posted to Twitter a map of responses to fires and explosions.

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New York progressives find silver lining in primary losses

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Despite losses from Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams and Zephyr Teachout challengers crushed a group of state senate Democrats further down the ballot

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Thousands of protesters challenge Democratic governor at climate summit

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Activists attempted to barricade entrance at the summit and criticized Jerry Brown for allowing over 20,000 drilling operations

California’s status as a progressive bastion on climate change action has been challenged by activists who attempted to barricade the way to a major summit in San Francisco and decried the oil and gas drilling they say is blighting the health of low-income and minority communities.

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My fear for a future of climate change | Letters

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I have had a long and happy life, writes 90-year-old Anthea Hardy, but what am I leaving my great-grandchildren?

At last, protest marches against global warming, the most relevant issue of our time (Report, 8 September). I am over 90 years old and cannot join one but wish I could. All other questions fade into second place: Brexit, the gap between rich and poor, even the wars of the Middle East. We are not even reaching the 2% per annum target and even 0.2% would be too high. We are faced with escalating catastophies: rising sea levels, floods, forest fires. I have had a long and happy life but what am I leaving my great-grandchildren? I feel impotent. No one seems to question the effects of jet aircraft, of rockets to outer space or the ever-escalating increase in traffic. As I carefully recycle my rubbish and take pride in my excellent compost heap, I realise how paltry my efforts are.
Anthea Hardy
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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It can be hard, being an MP’s child – even without getting abuse on your doorstep | Dom Goggins

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My late father was a politician, but he wouldn’t recognise the viciousness in today’s political debate

On Tuesday evening, activists targeted the Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, his wife, four of his young children and the family’s nanny outside their London home. “Your daddy is a horrible person,” a protester told the kids.

A few weeks ago, Emily Benn faced intensely personal abuse for voicing her opinions about antisemitism in the Labour party – much of it invoking the legacy of her late grandfather, the Labour MP Tony Benn.

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Pussy Riot member in hospital after suspected poisoning, says band – video

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Pyotr Verzilov of the Russian protest punk band Pussy Riot is in a Moscow hospital after experiencing loss of vision and movement. His bandmates say he was poisoned. Verzilov fell ill after attending a court hearing, according to his partner and bandmate, Veronika Nikulshina. Verzilov is one of the four members of the band who invaded the pitch during the 2018 World Cup final in the city's Luzhniki Stadium

• Pussy Riot activist in hospital after being poisoned, says group

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German police confront treehouse activists after six-year standoff

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Occupiers protesting against coalmine expansion in Hambach forest call for mass mobilisation

Hundreds of police officers have descended on a patch of forest in western Germany occupied by activists living in treehouses, in an escalation of a long-running environmental battle.

Dozens of protesters have occupied 60 treehouses, some as high as 25 metres off the ground, since 2012 in an attempt to protect the ancient Hambach forest from being felled to make way for the expansion of an open-pit coalmine.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg and his family harassed by activists

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Activists shouted at MP’s children outside his London home: ‘Your daddy is a horrible person’

Senior figures from across the political spectrum have condemned activists who targeted Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and his children outside their London home, telling the youngsters: “Your daddy is a horrible person.”

A video posted to Facebook by the group Class War showed police standing guard outside the Westminster property on Tuesday evening as veteran anarchist Ian Bone and other demonstrators heckled the children and their nanny.

Absolutely disgraceful

Demonstrating outside Mr Rees-Mogg’s house and hustling his children is utterly deplorable. The police should sort this out inmediately

Leave the kids out of it. Don’t care what your views on Jacob Rees-Mogg, it is disgraceful to target his family, and shameful when politics becomes personal abuse. Children & family are never fair game

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McDonald’s workers set to strike over sexual harassment

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Protest planned for 18 September will be the first multi-state strike in the US specifically targeting sexual harassment

McDonald’s fast-food restaurant workers have voted to stage a one-day strike at outlets in 10 US cities next week, in hopes of pressuring the company to take stronger steps against sexual harassment on the job.

Organizers of the action say it will be the first multi-state strike in the US specifically targeting sexual harassment and that they have been emboldened by the #MeToo movement against harassment and sexual assault.

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Actor wearing anti-fascist scarf stopped by police in Venice

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Incident involving Ottavia Piccolo at Venice film festival prompts fears of crackdown

An Italian actor was stopped by police at the Venice film festival for wearing a neck scarf associated with the anti-fascism group Anpi, raising questions in parliament over whether the far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, had issued orders against the group.

Ottavia Piccolo was stopped by officers checking bags at an access gate as she headed towards the red carpet area of the Venice Lido at the close of the festival on Saturday.

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Colin Kaepernick's protest might be unpatriotic. And that's just fine | Mychal Denzel Smith

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His protest does not need to be recast as patriotic, as patriotism is not a higher virtue than justice

Two years ago, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down during the playing of the national anthem. When asked why, he told the press: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

Kaepernick had, like millions of other Americans, witnessed police violence take the lives of a number of unarmed black people, while the excuses for such violence piled up next to an absence of accountability. The protest spread, within the league and outside, sparking a fresh round of conversations about the place of politics within sports, the role of the athlete-activist, free speech, and what constitutes an appropriate protest.

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Mychal Denzel Smith is the author of Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man’s Education

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German security chief called to explain claims about far-right videos

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Hans-Georg Maaßen cast doubt on footage of gangs hounding immigrants in Chemnitz

The head of Germany’s domestic security agency (BfV) has been called by a parliamentary committee to explain his reasons for doubting the veracity of videos showing far-right gangs hunting down immigrants.

Hans-Georg Maaßen is to appear before an interior ministry committee on Wednesday amid widespread calls for his resignation, following an interview in which he said footage spread online following violent protests in Chemnitz may have been faked and there was no evidence that rightwing demonstrators had hounded foreigners.

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Peter Melchett won me over with badge of honour | Letter

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David Rubinstein recalls being pleasantly surprised upon meeting hereditary peer Peter Melchett

Peter Melchett (Obituary, 4 September) was an unmitigated good thing. I first met him when he became president of the Ramblers’ Association in the 1980s. I groaned in advance when we appointed a hereditary peer as president, but my prejudice turned to shame when he appeared at (I think) his first meeting of the executive committee wearing a large badge reading “Coal Not Dole” (it was during the year-long miners’ strike). Unlike most of his predecessors Peter was a hands-on president, regularly attending EC meetings and taking full part in our discussions. After his three years as president ended he stood for election as an ordinary EC member and was repeatedly and triumphantly elected. I always envied his easy manner, his ability to express strong views without offending and his equable temper, which he never lost. I mourn his death.
David Rubinstein

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Indian Catholic nuns protest against bishop accused of rape

The Guardian | Protest -

Demonstrations fuelled by politician questioning account of Franco Mullackal’s alleged victim

Indian Catholic sisters have broken ranks with the church by openly protesting in the streets of the Keralan state capital against a bishop accused of raping a nun.

The demonstrations started on Saturday and continued throughout the weekend in Thiruvananthapuram, fuelled by an incendiary press conference in which a politician questioned the account of the bishops’s alleged victim, a 46-year-old nun, and described her as a prostitute.

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'Crazy accusations': two Pussy Riot members arrested in Moscow

The Guardian | Protest -

Russian punk activist group claim arrests continue punishment for their World Cup pitch invasion protest

Two members of the Russian punk activist group Pussy Riot have been arrested by police in Moscow.

Veronika Nikulshina was detained with an unidentified friend after being stopped while driving. “Moscow police is now claiming that Nika and her friend were refusing to agree to a ‘terrorist check’ of their car – and they had to be arrested. Crazy accusations!” Pussy Riot tweeted. “The girls have been arrested in their car for absolutely NOTHING. Moscow police is still mad after the World Cup action”, the tweet claimed – referring to the pitch invasion protest the group made during the World Cup final in July.

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US inmates mark end of prison strike with push to regain voting rights

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After 19 days of protest in prisons across the US, organisers see restoring the right to vote as a means of forwarding prison reform

Inmates within America’s overflowing prisons are marking the end of a 19-day national prison strike on Sunday with a new push to regain the vote for up to 6 million Americans who have been stripped of their democratic rights.

The strike was formally brought to a close on the anniversary of the 1971 uprising at Attica prison in upstate New York. Though details of the protest have been sketchy since it was launched on 21 August, hunger strikes, boycotts of facilities and refusal to carry out work duties have been reported in many states, from Florida and South Carolina to Washington.

Related: US inmates claim retaliation by prison officials as result of multi-state strike

They have suspended all recreation so that we are in our cells literally 24/7

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Arthur Ashe’s real legacy was his activism, not his tennis

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We remember Ashe for his electrifying talent. But he had a social conscience that was way ahead of its time

Fifty years ago this week, Arthur Ashe shocked the tennis world by winning the men’s singles at the first US Open.

Related: After an oppressive two weeks, the US Open looks toward a hotter future

From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life

Raymond Arsenault, the John Hope Franklin Pprofessor of southern history at the University of South Florida, St Petersburg, is the author of Arthur Ashe: A Life, recently published by Simon & Schuster

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