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Met police accused of 'degrading' treatment of disabled XR activists

The Guardian | Protest -

Force’s disability advisers lodge complaint about treatment of Extinction Rebellion protesters

The Metropolitan police’s advisers on disability have accused the force of “degrading and humiliating” treatment of disabled activists during the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests in London this month.

A formal complaint by the Met’s disability independent advisory group says members are “disappointed and angered” the force failed to engage with them over the policing of the protests, and the Met may have caused “irreparable damage” to relations with disabled people.

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Demonstrators killed in Iraqi holy city as protests gain momentum – video

The Guardian | Protest -

At least 18 people were killed and thousands injured in the holy city and pilgrimage site of Kerbala in Iraq, in one of the deadliest single attacks on protesters since anti-government demonstrations erupted earlier this month. Unidentified masked gunmen fired live rounds and teargas at protesters.

Protests that have gripped the country since 1 October were nflamed in the past week as university and high-school students joined demonstrators in Baghdad

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Masked men gun down Iraqi protesters in holy city of Karbala

The Guardian | Protest -

At least 18 people killed and hundreds injured as anti-government protests continue

Masked gunmen have opened fire on Iraqi protesters in the Shia holy city of Karbala, killing at least 18 people and wounding hundreds, security officials said, in one of the deadliest single attacks on protesters since anti-government demonstrations erupted earlier this month.

The attack, which happened overnight, came as Iraqis took to the streets for a fifth consecutive day, protesting against corruption, lack of services and other grievances.

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Chicago is not 'on fire': police chief hits back at Trump criticism – video

The Guardian | Protest -

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson responded to Donald Trump's criticism after he shunned the president's speech to a national convention of police officers that was being held in the city while protests against his visit took place on the streets.

Trump said the police chief 'could learn something' from the event, but in a statement published later, Johnson said the city was leading the way on lowering crime and that he would not get 'caught up in negativity'

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This wave of global protest is being led by the children of the financial crash | Jack Shenker

The Guardian | Protest -

From Hong Kong to South America to London, young people have had enough of economic, social and ecological collapse

“I’m 22 years old, and this is my last letter,” the young man begins. Most of his face is masked with black fabric; only his eyes, tired and steely, are visible below a messy fringe. “I’m worried that I will die and won’t see you any more,” he continues, his hands trembling. “But I can’t not take to the streets.”

The nameless demonstrator – one of many in Hong Kong who have been writing to their loved ones before heading out to confront rising police violence in the city – was filmed by the New York Times last week in an anonymous stairwell. But he could be almost anywhere, and not only because the walls behind him are white and characterless, left blank to protect his identity.

The problem for governments is there is no longer a centre ground to snap back to, and their opponents know it

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Iraq's young protesters count cost of a month of violence

The Guardian | Protest -

More than 150 have died and thousands injured in anti-government protests

In Al Umma Park in central Baghdad – the “park of the nation” – a small group of men and two women debated under ageing eucalyptus trees how best to articulate the demands of the protesters who have taken to the streets of Iraqi cities in their thousands this month.

“Burning army trucks won’t help us, it will only help the government accuse us of being hooligans,” said a young man. “If I give you 17 RPG [rocket-propelled grenade] launchers and you burn that building, how will that benefit our demands?” Another man called for the government to be toppled. As the group gathered around him listening, someone shouted: “Who made you a speaker?” This spurred the rest of the crowd to break into chants of “no one represents us” and “Iran out, out”, denouncing Iraq’s ruling Islamic parties and their Iranian backers.

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Climate protesters clash with police outside Melbourne mining conference

The Guardian | Protest -

More than 20 activists arrested amid violent scenes, with officers accused of being ‘incredibly hostile’

A climate protester has been taken to hospital and more than 20 others have been arrested while blockading an international mining conference in Melbourne after violent clashes erupted between the group and police.

From 6am on Tuesday, hundreds of activists from a dozen different groups began blocking entry to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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Chile: protesters light bonfires and clash with police despite cabinet reshuffle

The Guardian | Protest -

Fresh upheaval erupts shortly after president Sebastían Piñera announces firing of hardline officials

Fresh street battles and fires have broken out in downtown Santiago just hours after Chile’s embattled president, Sebastían Piñera, fired hardline members of his cabinet in an attempt to defuse the country’s biggest political crisis since the return to democracy in 1990.

Bands of protesters lit bonfires along the central Alameda Avenue and clashed with riot police as clouds of teargas and smoke engulfed the centre of the city.

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People’s Vote staff walk out over sacking of senior figures

The Guardian | Protest -

Campaign in chaos after key figures say chairman had no right to order dismissals

Dozens of staff at People’s Vote have staged a walkout in protest at moves by the PR guru Roland Rudd to force two leading figures out of the organisation, plunging the campaign for a second referendum further into chaos.

The campaign was in disarray on Monday after James McGrory, the director, and Tom Baldwin, the head of communications, were asked to leave with immediate effect.

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If Beijing does not budge, the struggle for Hong Kong will last decades | Louisa Lim and Ilaria Maria Sala

The Guardian | Protest -

Police violence has further radicalised protesters, and China’s ‘one country, two systems’ formula lies in tatters

“Is there any way that Hong Kong can avoid becoming another Northern Ireland?”

This was the first question posed by a well-known Hong Kong activist at the start of a recent interview. A few months ago, the comparison to decades of civil unrest would have seemed absurd. But after 21 weekends of protests, the endgame seems further away than ever before. The escalating weekend insurgency and the police brutality deployed in response have marooned the territory in a cycle of violence that is doing serious damage to its economy, rule of law and public trust in its institutions.

The authorities are boxed in; any reforms that fall short of concessions could worsen the situation, as would no action

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At least 80,000 attend march against Catalan independence

The Guardian | Protest -

Pro-Spanish unity groups lead rally in Barcelona after 350,000 gather in support of separatists

Tens of thousands of people joined a protest in Barcelona yesterday demonstrating against independence from Spain, and calling for unity across the country and peaceful co-existence in Catalonia, following the violent unrest of the past fortnight.

The demonstration on Sunday, organised by Societat Civil Catalana, an umbrella group of political parties and civic bodies that want Catalonia to remain part of Spain, was attended by about 80,000 people, according to local police, although SCC put the attendance at 400,000.

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Protesters form human chain across Lebanon

The Guardian | Protest -

Anti-government grassroots movement says it wants to foster feeling of national unity

Tens of thousands of protesters in Lebanon have attempted to form a human chain running across the country to symbolise newfound national unity.

Demonstrators planned to join hands from Tripoli to Tyre, a 105-mile (170km) chain running through the capital, Beirut, as part of an unprecedented mobilisation across sectarian lines.

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Anti-government protesters defy bloody crackdown in Iraq

The Guardian | Protest -

Hundreds refuse to leave Tahrir square in Baghdad despite further deadly clashes with security forces

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters remained in Baghdad’s central Tahrir square on Sunday, defying a bloody crackdown that killed scores and an overnight raid by security forces seeking to disperse them.

Young men had erected barricades on a bridge leading to the capital’s fortified Green Zone between them and security forces who continued to lob tear gas canisters towards them.

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‘It’s civil war’: struggle over strategy divides People’s Vote campaign

The Guardian | Protest -

Row over explicitly pro-Remain ‘splinter group’ lead some staff to demand formal split

Mass staff protests, alleged power grabs, attempts to remove senior officials and months of boardroom wrangling have threatened to destabilise the People’s Vote campaign, an Observer investigation has found.

Feuding inside the campaign to secure a second referendum has seen demands for some organisations involved to be thrown out, according to a series of accounts. Some fear the splits mean that “the people claiming to want to stop Brexit may end up being the ones who let it happen”.

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Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray: ‘This is my first protest – it’s lasted two years’

The Guardian | Protest -

Since 2017, the man now known as Mr Stop Brexit has stood outside parliament. So what does he make of the state of play?

Political activist Steve Bray, 50, is known as “Mr Stop Brexit”. Since September 2017, the former rare coins dealer from Port Talbot, South Wales, has braved all weathers to mount his “Stand of Defiance European Movement” (Sodem) protest outside parliament every day it sits. He is notorious for photobombing live news broadcasts.

Take us back to the beginning. How did you get into all this?
This is my first ever protest and it’s lasted two years. I was never that political or loyal to any party, but it began with arguments online in the run-up to the referendum. I lost most of my friends, including a couple of lifelong ones, because I realised they were racist, xenophobic and downright pig-ignorant. I joined a few online groups and had news channels on permanently, but all the coverage was about migrants or scaremongering. I decided there must be some way to counter this.

The BBC built a five-metre high platform, but I just got a long pole to keep my flags in the frame

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Hundreds shot and beaten as Chile takes to the streets

The Guardian | Protest -

Doctors say they don’t have supplies to treat wounded and accuse authorities of under-reporting injuries

“The soldier was about 40m away. He looked at me and fired,” said Christopher Madrid, pointing to the patch above his right eye. “I swung away and the bullet grazed [my forehead] and came out, left a scar of four or five centimetres.”

Madrid, a 25-year-old student, was shot last Monday by Chilean army troops as he marched in a street protest near the Catholic University in central Santiago.

Patients at La Posta were dying, workers said, due to lack of basic supplies, including surgical gloves, syringes, masks

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Spanish police clash with thousands of Catalan protesters in Barcelona

The Guardian | Protest -

Police charge 10,000-strong crowd as pro-independence demonstration turns violent

Spanish police and militant elements in a thousands-strong crowd of protesters clashed in the streets of Barcelona close to police headquarters late on Saturday, as a pro-independence demonstration by a direct action group turned violent.

After a largely peaceful gathering of an estimated 350,000 pro-independence supporters jammed the centre of the city earlier in the day, a second crowd began to form around Barcelona’s police headquarters about 7.30pm. As the crowd grew to around 10,000, according to police estimates, TV footage showed protesters throwing bottles, balls and rubber bullets at officers.

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About 41% of the world’s people are under 24. And they’re angry…

The Guardian | Protest -

From Hong Kong to Chile, young people are rising up to fight injustice and inequality. Their elders should be grateful

A spate of large-scale street protests around the world, from Chile and Hong Kong to Lebanon and Barcelona, is fuelling a search for common denominators and collective causes. Are we entering a new age of global revolution? Or is it foolish to try to link anger in India over the price of onions to pro-democracy demonstrations in Russia?

Each country’s protests differ in detail. But recent upheavals do appear to share one key factor: youth. In most cases, younger people are at the forefront of calls for change. The uprising that unexpectedly swept away Sudan’s ancien regime this year was essentially generational in nature.

Perhaps these protests will merge into international revolt against injustice, inequality and oppressive powers-that-be.

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Jane Fonda accepts Bafta award during arrest at climate protest

The Guardian | Protest -

Actor is led away in handcuffs after winning Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film

Jane Fonda accepted a prestigious award from Bafta Los Angeles while being led away in handcuffs after being arrested during climate emergency protests.

The actor and activist was honoured with the Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film at the annual Bafta Britannia ceremony.

Folks, @Janefonda accepted the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award WHILE BEING ARRESTED. #Britannias

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