Jørgen Johansen

Deputy Editor of Journal of Resistance Studies 

Jørgen Johansen

Jørgen Johansen has been active with social justice, peace, environmental and democracy issues worldwide for the last 40 years. Participation in campaigns and movements has been combined with writing and promotion on building strategies and developing theories for a wide variety of resistance. 

Extensive travels have in recent years been replaced with constructive resistance from his base in a deep Scandinavian forest. Together with his wife Majken Jul Sørensen, Johansen runs Irene Publishing and a small center for writers and activists.

Occasional lecturing at public events and universities are combined with growing food in the garden, organizing seminars, writing books and articles, building houses with material from his own forest and sawmill, and picking berries for home made jam and juice.

In civil society networks and academic institutions he has researched, trained, organized, and mobilized people to engage in global and local conflicts and campaigns. 

He has published tens of books and book chapters in six languages and has published hundreds of articles in academic journals and movement magazines and newspapers. The main topics for his publications have been nonviolence, democracy, environmental issues, justice, surveillance, resistance to conscription, and immigration.

Johansen is the Deputy Editor of Journal of Resistance Studies and coordinator of the Nordic Nonviolence Study Group (NORNONS).

On strategic challenges for the Belarusian people and their friends by Jorgen Johansen in Our House (available in Russian, German and other languages)