Craig Brown

Dr. Craig Brown is a researcher who completed his PhD in 2019, which assessed the methods of resistance during the 2011 Tunisian Revolution. This involved fieldwork and long-term residence in Tunisia, as well as living alongside people who had participated in the revolution to better understand their struggles.

Over the past three years Craig has lived for extended periods in Sweden, running a project cataloguing the extensive library resources of the Nordic Nonviolence Study Group (NORNONS) and Irene Publishing. He has contributed to the life of constructive resistance within the community, including as a manner of builder’s apprentice to RSI kamarado Jørgen Johansen.

Craig is currently acting as book review editor and assistant editor for Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS), as well as editing for the RSI’s page at Waging Nonviolence. In 2020-21, he reported from Warsaw on the protests triggered by the new abortion law in Poland.Craig is also a board member of the European Peace Research Association since October 2019, producing the Association's newsletter.

Recent published research has included as guest editor for JRS for the special issue ‘10 years since the so-called Arab Spring’, a critical appraisal of Gene Sharp’s legacy, internet communication technologies, the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, the interrelationship of violent and nonviolent resistance, and mutual aid. His present research projects include a forthcoming book on the Tunisian revolution, the resistance in Belarus since 2020, as well as theorization of resistance.


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