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2015 Experimental Economics Workshop, Hosted by the Willis Lab

The Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Lab hosted a Workshop in Experimental and Behavioral Economics on June 8, 2015.  Researchers joined us from prestigious institutions in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New York and Pennsylvania.  These institutions include Smith College, Williams College, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Westfield State University, UMass Lowell, Middlebury, the University of Connecticut, St. Lawrence University and Lafayette College. Discussions included investigations of Auction institutions, including those to raise money for Charities, Labor Market issues including work under pressure and a Political Economy study focused on Procedural Justice.This workshop allowed us to better understand what other researchers in our field are working on and will help us to identify areas of common interest and potential collaboration.

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More information on the Willis Lab can be found HERE 

Julie Caswell, Spotlight Scholar

Congratulations to Julie Caswell who received recognition as a spring 2015 UMass Amherst Spotlight Scholar. The Spotlight Scholar program, launched in the fall of 2010, publicly acknowledges highly-accomplished faculty and their professional achievements. Julie is being recognized for her research, scholarship, and public service contributions to the field of economics of food safety and nutrition. >>More

Sorelle Mbakup - 2015 21st Century Leader

Sorelle Kevine Chimi Mbakup was selected as one of the 2015 21st Century Leaders. This honor is awarded to 10 graduating seniors who have demonstrated exemplary standards of achievement, initiative and social awareness. We are very proud that Sorelle earned one of these prestigious awards.

Sorelle came to the U.S. from Cameroon at age 9. She graduated this may with a double major in Resource Economics and Journalism. Her goal is: to improve the living standards of people, especially those in developing nations. Sorelle was attracted to the Resource Economics major by ResEcon 121 – Hunger in a Global Economy. She hopes to enter the Peace Corps with an assignment in Africa. After completing that assignment, she hopes to work for the United Nations, the World Bank, or the African Development Bank.

Sorelle is truly a global citizen and has a strong global perspective: “We live in a globalized world. It is not enough to stay in one country.” She has two study abroad experiences in India and Africa where, in addition to her main study abroad responsibilities, she also volunteered at an orphanage (in India) and helping poor people (Africa). 

Sorelle volunteered on campus as President of the Resource Economics Society, as a member of the African Student Union and was a writing tutor to low-income junior and senior high school students in Springfield, Massachusetts. She also wrote for the Daily Campus.  We will miss having Sorelle help lead our Department and are grateful to have such a wonderful scholar in our class of 2015. Congratulations Sorelle!

Undergraduate Research Conference

Resource Economics Undergraduates Present at the 21st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference
On April 24th 2015, nearly 1,100 undergraduates from across Massachusetts presented their research in either a poster or oral session at the Lincoln Campus Center. Resource Economics had a strong showing at this year’s Undergraduate Research Conference. Five Resource Economics undergraduate honors students as well as four students from other majors who are completing their honors project or thesis in the department presented their work.
Students worked on a wide variety of topics including small business planning, the impact of IT in the financial services sector on consumers, campaigns to increase e-waste recycling on campus, the importance of non-monetary incentives for recruiting and productivity, and the relationship between sustainable small business practices and top talent recruitment.

Anthony Lorencette

Congratulations Anthony Lorencette! Anthony is one of just 25 students from across the U.S. who has been accepted to the American Economic Association Summer Training Program at the University of New Mexico.
The intensive program prepares students for PhD programs in Economics and is a collaboration of the University of New Mexico and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In addition to being accepted to this prestigious program, Anthony has also won a Minority Fellowship that will cover his full costs of the program as well as provide a summer stipend.
Anthony, a first-generation Brazilian-American, is currently a junior majoring in Resource Economics focusing on natural resources and environmental economics. He plans to enroll in a top graduate program in 2016 to prepare for a career working as an economist researching the impacts of policy. During the intensive 6 week program, Anthony will work on strengthening his understanding of microeconomics, econometrics and math methods in economics. He will be closely aligned with a team of students and mentors to support his studies. The experience will allow him to form valuable ties with other students and his mentors. He will also participate in the AEA Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession Mentoring Conference. While there, he will meet with guest lectures from a number of prominent institutions including the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Federal Reserve and the Congressional Budget Office. His final team research project will be presented at an AEA mentoring conference. Congratulations Anthony for your success in earning such a phenomenal opportunity! We look forward to learning about your experiences when you return!

Flex Grants

Congratulations to Emily Wang and Angela de Oliveira who have been awarded Flex Grants for teaching and faculty development from the MSP.

Flex Grants are small grants of $500 that are intended to support faculty professional development related to teaching, funded by the campus through the MSP contract. Expenses that can be covered by these grants may include: travel to enhance teaching or area knowledge; membership in professional associations; classes or workshops to enhance teaching or area knowledge; books; software; equipment; catering a meeting or seminar; inviting a speaker to campus; hiring a graduate or undergraduate student; and other resources that enhance professional development related to teaching. 

European Ag Economics Conference

Congratulations to Julie Caswell and Jill Fitzsimmons who presented their research in Naples, Italy, at the European Ag Economics conference: Consumer Behavior in a Changing World: Food, Culture and Society. >>More