Research Activities

Our faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research projects that affect real change in the world. Topics include industrial organization and food marketing; natural resource management and environmental policy; and experimental economics.

Industrial Organization/Food Marketing

Faculty members and students are conducting exciting researching that includes the economics of food quality, certification, traceability, labeling; trade agreements and food quality; structure and strategies in the food system; price discrimination and competitiveness; and demand analysis. Work on these was done with funds from Hatch (the Experiment Station), the Food Marketing Policy Center for Research, and under a USDA AFRI grant. 

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Julie Caswell, Nathalie Lavoie, Christian Rojas, Dan Lass, and Emily Wang.

Read about our study on trimming obesity

Natural Resource Management/Environmental Policy

Faculty and graduate students are actively conducting research on the following topics: valuation of non-market goods; natural resource and environmental regulations; fisheries policies; energy economics; and the health impacts of environmental issues.

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Thomas Stevens, John Stranlund, John Spraggon, and Christine Crago.

View our study about adopting renewable energy sources.

Experimental Economics

The Department has conducted a wide variety of research projects that incorporate controlled laboratory experiments. We have two faculty members whose research predominantly uses experimental methods as well as a four other faculty who use these methods as part of their research portfolio.

Visit the Experimental Economics Program website.

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Angela de Oliveira, John Spraggon, Christian Rojas, Thomas Stevens, and John Stranlund.

Other Current Research Topics

M.J. Alhabeeb and Sheila Mammen conduct research in the area of family and household economics. Dr. Mammen’s research focuses on low-income rural mothers’ work/life decisions, their satisfaction with life and coping ability in light of persistent food insecurity, and poverty dynamics. Dr. Alhabeeb is conducting research on a long-term study of adolescent behavior with a new focus on how out-of-school activities contribute to positive youth development as part of a multi-university study.