Rong Rong
Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics (Environmental/Health)
215 Stockbridge Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003




Zaiyan Wei, Xiao Mo, and Rong Rong, 2021, Network Size and Content Generation on Social Media Platforms, Production and Operations Management

Matthew Gnagey, Therese Grijalva and Rong Rong, 2020, Spousal Influence and Assortative Mating on Time Preferences, Review of Economics of the Household

Rong Rong and Jared Barton, 2019, I'll Be There: A Natural Field Experiment on Keeping and Breaking Promises, with Jared Barton, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Rong Rong, Therese Grijalva, Jayson Lusk and Douglas Shaw, 2019, Interpersonal Discounting, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty

Rong Rong, Therese Grijalva and Matthew Gnagey, 2018, "The Less You Discount, The More It Shows You Really Care": Interpersonal Discounting in Households, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Matthew Gnagey, Therese Grijalva, and Rong Rong, 2018, Spousal Dictator Game: Household Economics and Other-regarding Preferences, Games

Therese Grijalva, Jayson Lusk, Douglass Shaw, and Rong Rong, 2017, Convex Time Budgets and Individual Discount Rates in the Long Run, Environmental and Resource Economics

Rong Rong, Daniel Houser and Yifan Dai, 2016, Money or Friends: Social Identity and Deception in Networks, European Economic Review

Rong Rong and Daniel Houser, 2016, Deception in Networks: A Laboratory Study, Journal of Public Economic Theory

Rong Rong, and Daniel Houser, 2015, Growing Stars: A Laboratory Analysis of Network Formation, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Rong Rong and Daniel Houser, 2015, Exploring Network Behavior Using Cluster Analysis, New Perspectives on Internationalization and Competitiveness, edited by Eskil Ullberg, Springer

Carlos Ramirez and Rong Rong, 2012, China Bashing: Does Trade Drive the 'Bad' News about China in the U.S.?, Review of International Economics, Vol. 20, Issue 2, pp. 350-363


Completed Papers

Crago, Christine and Rong Rong, Behavioral preferences and contract choice in the residential solar PV market, Submitted

Rong Rong, Yifan Dai, and Aurora Genin, Shouts and Whispers: A Laboratory Analysis of Public Versus Private Communication in Networked Groups, Submitted

Gao, Sherry and Rong Rong, A Study on the Casual Impact of Heterogeneous Health Beliefs on Vaccination Decisions, Submitted


Research in Progress:  

It Takes Two Hands to Clap: The Effects of Reputation and Search in Healthcare Markets, with Ming Ge, Christian Rojas, working paper upon request

Partial Asset Integration in Allocation of Payments Across Time: Revisiting Convex Time Budget Experiments, with Takao Kusakawa, Sherry Gao, and Tatsuyoshi Saijo, data collection completed

Thinking of Risk and Future: Behavioral Preferences and Vaccination Decisions, with Sherry Gao, data collection completed

Does Health Belief Accuracy Depends on the Inference Group?, with Sherry Gao, data collection completed

Behavioral Preferences and Solar Adoption Decisions, with Christine Crago and Dhiroj Koirala, grant funding received

When Gossiper Meets Revenger: An Experimental Study, with Ozlem Tonguc, experimental design stage