David Keiser Named to EPA Science Advisory Board

David Keiser, resource economics, is one of two UMass Amherst faculty named to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB). He is joined by Marjorie Aelion, environmental health sciences and associate vice chancellor for research and engagement.

David Keiser, resource economicsKeiser and Aelion are among the 47 experts with a cross-section of scientific disciplines and experience selected to the SAB, as announced by EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan on August 2.

As directed by Congress in 1978, the EPA established the SAB to provide scientific advice to the Agency’s Administrator. The SAB is authorized review the quality and relevance of the scientific and technical information being used by the EPA or proposed as the basis for Agency regulations, review EPA research programs and plans, provide science advice as requested by the EPA Administrator and advise the agency on broad scientific matters.

Most of the preliminary work of the SAB is done by subcommittees or panels focused on various environmental science topics. The recommendations of subcommittees and panels are transmitted to the SAB for discussion and deliberation, and forwarded to the EPA only if the SAB determines that it is appropriate.

Keiser will serve with a dual appointment to the SAB’s Economic Analysis Committee, while Aelion will serve with a dual appointment to the Board’s Environmental Justice Science Committee.

“This highly qualified, diverse group of experts will ensure that EPA is receiving sound science-based advice to inform our work to protect people and the environment from pollution,” Regan said. “We worked expeditiously and deliberately to finalize the new Science Advisory Board, and now we can move forward knowing EPA’s work is guided by the most credible, independent expertise.”

The EPA’s request for nominations to the Board in April 2021 resulted in 352 candidates seeking membership on the SAB.