Article on Improved Air Quality in National Parks Cites Study by David Keiser

Acadia National Park

As COVID-19 continues its spread and shelter-in-place orders keep people at home throughout the United States, the pandemic's effect on pollution has been one of the few silver linings in a bad situation. While initial reports of dolphins swimming in Venice's canals may not have been accurate, it's true that virus-related shutdowns are cleaning up air pollution around the globe, with satellite imagery showing drops in certain pollutants of up to 40% in some areas. 

Now, there's evidence that the air may be getting cleaner not just in cities, but in nature as well. 

UMass ADVANCE Honors Angela De Oliveira with Faculty Mentoring Award

Angela De Oliveira, Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Chancellor’s Leadership Fellow

The UMass ADVANCE team is delighted to announce the seven faculty who are the inaugural winners of their College’s Faculty Mentoring Award for 2020, including Angela De Oliveira, Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Chancellor’s Leadership Fellow. Their mentoring ensures that faculty members excel in their careers, and it helps develop a more inclusive environment at the university.

“Despite its importance,” points out Joya Misra, PI of the UMass ADVANCE grant, “faculty mentoring is often invisible or seen as a labor of love.”

New Economic Inquiry Study Finds Marijuana Access Leads to Reductions in Opioid-related Deaths

A new study led by Nathan Chan, assistant professor of resource economics, finds that access to marijuana reduces opioid-related deaths. 

The study examined how the changing legal status of marijuana has impacted mortality in the United States over the past two decades. Investigators found that legalization and access to recreational marijuana reduced annual opioid mortality in the range of 20% to 35%, with particularly pronounced effects for synthetic opioids (e.g., fentanyl).

Nathan Chan awarded 2018-19 Mutual Mentoring Micro Grant

Nathan Chan, assistant professor of resource economics, has been awarded a 2018-19 Mutual Mentoring Micro Grant from the Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development (TEFD).

Micro Grants are intended to encourage early-career faculty to identify desirable areas for professional growth, and to develop the necessary mentoring relationships to make such opportunities possible. Each grant provides up to $1,500 for one year to individual pre-tenure faculty.


Spotlight: Young Alumni in Business Panel

Michael Brown '15 and Kyle Ostrander '15, both resource economics majors, are featured on this 'Young Alumni in Business' panel where they talked about their careers in business and how a non-business major helped them get there.