PhD students

Successful PhD applicants are granted financial assistance in the form of a teaching or research assistantship. The funding consists of an annual stipend, which amounts to $25,900 for the 2017-2018 academic year (including summer 2018). In addition, students receive a tuition and curriculum fee waiver, health insurance, and dental, vision and wellness benefits. In all, the value of the total financial package is $43,455. Our department also provides travel grants for students to present at conferences.

Additional summer funding is available. The HFA-SBS Summer Doctoral Fellowship offers $4000 per summer for 3 years and is awarded to exceptional candidates at point of admission. The Graduate School also awards a number of REAL Fellowships to PhD candidates from underrepresented groups who are currently enrolled; the REAL Fellowship provides awardees with $4000 of summer funding for 3 years.

Funding is guaranteed for 4 years conditional on satisfactory progress.  Time to completion is between 5-6 years. We make every effort to provide funding for graduate students in their 5th and 6th year.

Master’s students

MSc students may be offered acceptance with or without funding, depending on: a) the teaching assistantship needs of our department for that year, and b) our rating of the applicant’s qualifications and promise.  Funding would typically include 3 semesters, but would exclude summer.