The Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Laboratory and Endowment

The Lab

The Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Laboratory was dedicated in May 2007. One end of the third floor of historic Stockbridge Hall was renovated to build this state-of-the-art lab, combining the original maple floors, newly polished, with the latest technology into a space that is as lovely as it is functional.

Lab design was driven by a ground-up assessment of best practices world-wide, resulting in great control and ease-of-use for efficient experimentation. Up to 36 subjects can participate at a time, yet workstations are organized in clusters of three. High fidelity audio and video is distributed to each of these clusters, ensuring that all participants can see and hear in this large space. Control of the lab systems can be managed from a station in the center of the room or from a glass-enclosed control room at one end.

The lab is designed for active learning, too, and is being used for experimental economics, econometrics, statistics, computing, and other Resource Economics classes. Switching between teaching and experiment modes, each with different requirements for participant visability, takes just a few minutes.

In sum, the Willis Lab is a beautiful and functional environment for experimentalists, subjects, instructors, and students alike.

The Endowment

The Experimental Economics Lab is supported by The Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Laboratory Fund. This fund provides for the renewal of the lab’s infrastructure over time to ensure that it remains a state-of-the-art facility far into the future.

How to Give

To make a contribution, call the Development Office at 866-450-UMASS or visit the secure UMass Amherst website. Be sure to designate that your gift be allocated to the Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Laboratory Fund in the Resource Economics Department.

(If giving onine, select the 'Other' option under Fund Designation and enter "Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Laboratory Fund--Resource Economics" in the box below.) Thank you!

Our Donors:
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