Experimental Economics Lab

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Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Lab

The Experimental Economics Program at the Department of Resource Economics is aimed at both graduate and undergraduate students interested in using experimental economics as a tool to understand and develop applications of economics and other social sciences.  Researchers in the Program study human decision-making, interactions as well as a wide variety of applied and theoretical issues. The Program is composed of faculty from the Department of Resource Economics as well as graduate students, who conduct their own research in the lab. 

The Cleve E. Willis Experimental Economics Lab (Willis Lab) is a center for both research in economics as well as other disciplines. We are recruiting students who would like to participate in our experiments all year round. Experimental subjects are paid for their time and the decisions which they make during the experiment. If you would like to receive announcements for upcoming experiments, please click here.

The Willis Lab is located in then basement level of Flint Lab (80 Campus Center Way) at UMass. If you have any questions regarding the Experimental Economics Program, signing up for experiments, visiting the lab or using the lab for your own experiments please email us at expecon at resecon dot umass dot edu.