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Resource Economics Track Options

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

The Environmental and Natural Resource Economics option prepares students to assist in public and private decisions about environmental and natural resource issues. Population and income growth are increasing the pressure on our resources, making allocation, management, and protection decisions among our top priorities. Water quality and supply, land use, climate change, energy use, pesticide policy, recycling, waste disposal, and marine fisheries management are some of the issues studied. Students learn to apply decision making tools such as benefit-cost, risk-benefit, and cost-effectiveness analysis. This training prepares students for careers in research, planning, education, and administration with federal, state, or community governments, as well as in private businesses that provide services in various sustainability, environmental and natural resource areas.

Managerial Economics

The Managerial Economics option concentrates on the application of economic principles to business decision-making. Students develop expertise in accounting, finance, business strategies, and market demand analysis. Microeconomic models and case studies are used to demonstrate how individuals can make wise choices to operate effectively within a complex economy of millions of businesses linked by thousands of markets. Career opportunities include research, planning, marketing, and managerial positions in a wide range of firms and governmental agencies, particularly in food and natural resource related industries. Recent graduates hold positions in food industry management, environmental consulting, energy demand analysis, market research, financial analysis, and strategic planning.

Minor in Resource Economics

The Resource Economics Minor is declared with the Registrar's Office when the course work for the minor is completed (or, in the semester prior to the student's graduation, if course work related to the minor is being completed in his/her final semester, see section A of the checksheet).Please see the Requirements Checksheet for details.