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Research Reports

ResearchNext 2012 Annual Report:

Sticking to Science
Measuring Our Social World
Hodgkin's Cove
Modeling Climate Science
Winds of Change
Life Science Moment
Designs on Springfield
CASA 2.0
The Door is Open
Sponsored Activity
Technology Transfer
Faculty and Student Recognition


ResearchNext 2011 Annual Report:

World’s Largest Telescope Records First Light
The Race for Green Gasoline
A Social Vaccine for STEM
All Roads Lead to Nano
Fighting Diabetes with Dance
A Future in Medicine
Sleep On It for Better Decision Making
Holocaust and Genocide Studies: A Reason to Remember
Schooling Success
Goldwater Scholars


ResearchNext 2010 Annual Report

Stimulating Year
What’s Next For Biofuels Research
Mighty Microbe
Power Surge!
Bridging The Gap
Bright Minds
Afro-Am Turns 40
Caps And Gowns In Kabul
Breeding Better Biologists
Inspiring Innovation
Sponsored Activity
Technology Transfer
Faculty Recognitions


2009 Report on Research

Next-Generation Technologies
Energy Frontiers
New Facilities
Stepping Up Internationally
Meeting Environmental Challenges
Research Engagement
Sponsored Activities
Technology Transfer
Internal Grant Programs
Outstanding Accomplishments
Research Administration


2008 Report on Research

...The Dots
...With Industry
...To Community
...To the Nation and World
...To the Commonwealth
...With Alumni
...To Innovation
Sponsored Activities
Internal Grants
Outstanding Accomplishments
Research Administration Page