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Ferrate Float: Developing New Water Innovation Technologies and Networks

The image above shows a beaker filled with ferrate solution in the laboratory of UMass Amherst environmental engineer David Reckhow. A national expert in drinking water systems and wastewater technologies, Reckhow and his team have demonstrated in lab-scale water treatment that ferrate, a disinfectant comparable to chlorine, is effective for treating water without some of the deleterious side effects of chlorine. Reckhow is leading a new EPA funded national center based at UMass Amherst–the Water Innovation Network for Sustainable Small Systems Center–to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for drinking water systems across the U.S. Complimenting this effort–and working with the New England Water Innovation Network–will be the development of a new testing and piloting facility to move innovative water technologies onto pilot tests and into use. Learn more. 

Photo credit: Amanda Drane