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Air Sensors Everywhere: Low-cost Devices to Reduce Pollution-linked Disease

The image above shows the simple components used to build low-cost air sensors in the lab of UMass Amherst environmental health scientist and air quality expert Richard Peltier. The Arduino open-source microprocessor (middle) and ozone sensor (right) are not much larger than the nickel on the left. Peltier is leading a project with colleagues from around the world called Air Sensors Everywhere, which is developing open source software and data validation to spread the use of low-cost pollution sensors to reduce pollution-linked disease. The project is sponsored by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), of which UMass Amherst is one of 18 University partners from around the globe. Air pollution leads to more than seven million early deaths each year. Equipped with these sensors, citizens everywhere can help identify and control their exposures. Learn more.

Image credit: Richard Peltier