In Pictures

  • Sheet of 'green geckskin' next to a green gecko

‘Green Geckskin’: Creating Sustainable Super Adhesives

The image above shows a sheet of ‘green geckskin’ (left) alongside its inspiration, the gecko lizard (right). The renewable adhesive is made with natural rubber impregnated into stiff natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, hemp and jute. ‘Green Geckskin’ is the latest product trademarked by UMass Amherst from the polymer science and engineering team of Al Crosby and researcher Michael Bartlett, who with colleagues including biologist Duncan Irschick, first introduced the flexible and reusable adhesive GeckSkin in 2012. Mimicking a gecko’s ability to strongly attach its toes yet easily detach from walls and ceilings, over and over, the adhesive is able to hold hundreds of pounds with an index-card-sized swatch. Reversible, renewable, and biodegradable, ‘Green Geckskin’ is another breakthrough for sustainability. Learn more.

Photo credits: Michael Bartlett, Crosby Research Group (‘Green Geckskin’) and Duncan Irschick (gecko)