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  • Future Fibers

    How UMass Amherst is reimagining wearable tech

    Wearables are nothing new. Big brands have been spitting out fitness trackers and heart rate monitors for well over a decade. But longevity and usefulness have always posed problems. Do you wear your... More

  • Sleep Secrets

    Neuroscientist probes sleep’s role in learning and memory

    Does “sleeping on it” help us make better decisions? Are sleep disorders just a natural part of aging? How important are naps, anyhow? Rebecca Spencer, Professor in the Department of Psychological... More

  • Prize-Winning Science

    Chemist Jeanne Hardy untangles the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease

    The challenges wrought by Alzheimer’s disease are increasing with the graying of society in the developed world. Although no suitable treatments for Alzheimer’s disease exist, recent discoveries by... More

  • The "Eyes" Have It

    Research reveals spider eyes work together to track stimuli

    According to biologist Elizabeth Jakob, jumping spiders have excellent vision. Using a specially designed eye-tracker for use with spiders, Jakob, Skye Long and Adam Porter at the University of... More