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  • Genius Meets Grit

    This year, persistent UMass Amherst undergraduates adapted to COVID-19 restrictions as they engaged in substantial research, exercised their creativity, and elevated campus and the community. They... More

  • A Global Impact on Public Health

    UMass Amherst professor improves the lives of others worldwide with biostatistics

    University of Massachusetts Amherst Assistant Professor of Biostatistics Laura Balzer graduated first in her class from the University of Vermont, where she studied applied mathematics, and first in... More

  • Moving as We Age

    UMass physiologist seeks to alter our approach to muscle dysfunction in aging

    What happens to our muscles as we age? And exactly where, when, and how do mobility problems develop in older adults? Chair of Kinesiology Jane Kent has a multisystem approach to addressing these... More

  • Predicting the Pandemic

    UMass Amherst expert works day and night to curb COVID-19

    As a noted infectious-disease biostatistician, Nick Reich sensed this day might come, when his expertise would be called on to help keep the world a few steps ahead of a virulent pandemic. The... More

  • Mapping the Brain

    UMass Amherst scientists use revolutionary approaches to illuminate human behavior

    How do electronic signals in the brain translate to experiences? It’s the “hard question of consciousness.” What happens in our brain when we make the choices we do? Scientists at UMass Amherst are... More

  • Data to Knowledge

    Research advances improve data capture from wearable tech

    Deepak Ganesan has spent the better part of a decade trying to work around noise. Not the noise that sends you racing to Amazon to buy a pair of acoustic headphones. The noise Ganesan contends with... More