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Life Sciences and Health

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  • Why Do We Sleep?

    Rebecca Spencer investigates the cognitive function of sleep and its impact on health and behavior

    It’s time to challenge our assumptions about the function of sleep. Long thought to be a way for muscle and bone to get much needed rest, there is mounting evidence that the brain, and its many... More

  • Food Safety

    Researching the genomics and community ecology of bacteria

    Identifying and understanding interactions of environmental bacteria in food facilities is critically important for food safety. Utilizing cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies, UMass Amherst... More

  • BPA Busted

    Dr. Katherine Reeves studies the link between breast cancer and BPA

    One aim of public health research is to uncover ways that our environment can impact human life, both positively and negatively. Strong, evidence-based research findings can inform policymakers and... More

  • The Micro-Social Network

    Advancing understanding of how bacteria communicate

    Bacteria have traditionally been viewed as solitary organisms that “hang out on their own,” says UMass Amherst molecular biologist Kevin Griffith. However, scientists now realize that in fact,... More

  • Dual Target

    Developing safe Salmonella bacteria to fight cancer

    Delivering cancer-fighting agents to tumors without causing the serious side effects of many chemotherapy treatments is a major challenge in cancer treatment. One potentially powerful treatment... More