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  • Do Food Preservatives Effect Us?

    UMass food scientists find transient effects on gut microbiome

    Antimicrobial compounds added to preserve food during storage are believed to be benign and non-toxic to the consumer, but there is “a critical scientific gap in understanding the potential... More

  • Chemical Store

    Researchers find chemicals accumulate in toothbrushes

    A team of environmental chemists led by Baoshan Xing, who has long studied how polymers take up chemicals they contact, reports that triclosan, an antibacterial agent in some over-the-counter... More

  • Soft Materials for Life Sciences

    Program offers new model for graduate education

    There is increasing recognition in science education today that highly creative research advances come not only from individual effort but from collaboration across different disciplines. This calls... More

  • Hearing with Precision

    New work on auditory signal processing could lead to better hearing

    The inner ear is a remarkable sensing apparatus, says Geng-Lin Li, assistant professor of biology. “The temporal precision of the human auditory system is awe-inspiring, even by the standards of... More

  • Plant Medicine

    UMass Amherst students find scientific pathways to botanical therapeutics

    Entering the enclosed, temperature-regulated space of UMass Amherst’s Plant Cell Culture Library, you are immediately hit by a scent in the air that is unfamiliar yet redolent of life.