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  • Cancer Crusher

    Engineer uses organic chemistry to develop cancer therapies

    One of the things Ashish Kulkarni loves about organic chemistry is the possibility of using his imagination to make beautiful molecules. He puts that creativity to work designing new therapies for... More

  • Unraveling Plant Mysteries

    Researchers investigate how plants thwart efforts to boost iron uptake

    A decade or so ago, scientists discovered genes they thought could be turned on to make plants take up more iron from the soil, enriching cereals, grains and other staple foods that feed millions of... More

  • Do Food Preservatives Effect Us?

    UMass food scientists find transient effects on gut microbiome

    Antimicrobial compounds added to preserve food during storage are believed to be benign and non-toxic to the consumer, but there is “a critical scientific gap in understanding the potential... More

  • Chemical Store

    Researchers find chemicals accumulate in toothbrushes

    A team of environmental chemists led by Baoshan Xing, who has long studied how polymers take up chemicals they contact, reports that triclosan, an antibacterial agent in some over-the-counter... More