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A Venture Story

A new center raises UMass Amherst's entrepreneurial capacity

When it comes to helping entrepreneurs, James Theroux, director of UMass Amherst’s newly formed Center for Entrepreneurship (C4E), is all business. He’s building a network of... Read

A Meeting of Minds

Hluchyj Fellows combine nursing and engineering to improve clinical health care

True, lasting change requires a meeting of the minds--a moment of mutual inspiration that occurs when people who think differently from one another start thinking together.... Read

Natural Selection

Researchers develop new tool to identify biodiversity targets

Introducing a new approach that combines evolutionary and engineering analyses to identify the targets of natural selection, researchers report in the current issue of Evolution... Read

Underground PERCEPTion

Technology developed at UMass Amherst will help the visually impaired navigate Boston subway

UMass Amherst professor Aura Ganz has developed an electronic navigation system called PERCEPT, a seeing-eye directory for the blind and visually impaired which will provide them... Read

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In Pictures

Sheet of 'green geckskin' next to a green gecko
‘Green Geckskin’: Creating Sustainable Super Adhesives

The image above shows a sheet of ‘green geckskin’ (left) alongside its inspiration, the gecko lizard (right). The renewable...