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Governance and Society

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  • Provoking Thought

    Tatishe Nteta challenges us to imagine a more united and egalitarian America

    Teaching “Introduction to American Politics” via Zoom from the attic of his home, UMass Amherst Associate Professor of Political Science Tatishe Nteta grabs the attention of more than 150 students as... More

  • Predicting the Pandemic

    UMass Amherst expert works day and night to curb COVID-19

    As a noted infectious-disease biostatistician, Nick Reich sensed this day might come, when his expertise would be called on to help keep the world a few steps ahead of a virulent pandemic. The... More

  • COVID-19 and the Supply Chain

    UMass Amherst professor studies supernetworks and disaster relief

    If you didn’t know what a supply chain was a month ago, you do now. We are feeling them palpably, through strikes of essential workers, surgical mask shortages, and bleak shelves in the paper-... More

  • Safeguarding Democracy

    UMass Poll's innovative methods increase voter independence

    Outside of elections, polls are one of the surest ways for voters to get the attention of their elected officials and have their voices heard. But in an age of increasing partisanship, how do... More

  • Computing for the Common Good

    UMass computer scientists create technology to do good in the world

    In 2017, when Professor Laura Haas was recruited to lead the campus’s newly created College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS), she knew she wanted to distinguish the college in some way. “I... More