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Governance and Society

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  • Computing for the Common Good

    UMass computer scientists create technology to do good in the world

    In 2017, when Professor Laura Haas was recruited to lead the campus’s newly created College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS), she knew she wanted to distinguish the college in some way. “I... More

  • Partisan Politics

    Political scientist exposes how partisanship is changing American politics

    During his sophomore year of college, UMass Amherst political science professor Paul Musgrave awoke to a changed world. “I remember a Tuesday morning I was sleeping in because I didn’t have any early... More

  • Building a Just Society

    Educator challenges institutions to rethink attitudes rooted in oppression

    Growing up as a first-generation American in a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn, Jamila Lyiscott learned how to navigate the contrasts between her family’s Caribbean background and an... More

  • Informed Decision Making

    Center director propels UMass Amherst to forefront of data science

    What do health management, energy conservation, and online education have in common? They are all complex issues that benefit from data-informed decision-making, and they are all being brought to the... More

  • Can Government Do Anything Right?

    Policy expert puts rapidly shifting global parameters in perspective

    Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube while the squares are constantly changing color. That’s what it’s like to wrestle with issues of policy making and governance, according to Alasdair Roberts,... More

  • The Science of Fair Pay

    Economist uses data to shape minimum wage policies that work

    Working at McDonalds in high school for minimum wage, Arindrajit "Arin" Dube knew he had a path forward to college and a professional career. That wasn’t the case for most of his co-workers... More