Governance and Society

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  • Can Government Do Anything Right?

    Policy expert puts rapidly shifting global parameters in perspective

    Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube while the squares are constantly changing color. That’s what it’s like to wrestle with issues of policy making and governance, according to Alasdair Roberts,... More

  • The Science of Fair Pay

    Economist uses data to shape minimum wage policies that work

    Working at McDonalds in high school for minimum wage, Arindrajit "Arin" Dube knew he had a path forward to college and a professional career. That wasn’t the case for most of his co-workers... More

  • Exposing Power

    Scholar uses data to pinpoint how corporations gain political advantage

    Kevin L. Young is not one for easy answers. In fact, when it comes to beating corporate lobbyists at their own game, Young is a lot more interested in finding the right questions.

  • Fighting for LGBT Rights

    Groundbreaking economist measures the cost of discrimination

    When economist M.V. Lee Badgett published her 1995 study on the wage gap faced by gay men and lesbians, there was nothing like it in the field. In fact, conventional wisdom held just the opposite.