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  • Stunned by Climate Change?

    Researchers investigate ‘alarming rate’ of sea turtles stranded off Cape

    The number of cold-stunning and stranding events among young sea turtles is increasing at an “alarming” rate and has moved north from Long Island Sound to Cape Cod Bay, say researchers at the... More

  • Hidden Beneath Our Feet

    UMass scientists find giant viruses in Massachusetts soil

    Until recently, scientists thought of viruses as mostly small infectious agents, tiny compared to typical bacteria and human cells. So imagine the surprise when UMass Amherst biologist Jeff Blanchard... More

  • Beyond Earth

    Researchers develop techniques to detect evidence of life on other planets

    Scientists think that some of the earliest life on Earth originated near deep-sea volcanoes, where living organisms can exist without sunlight or oxygen, says UMass Amherst microbiologist Jim Holden... More

  • Rare Sighting

    UMass ecologist documents rare goat species in Afghanistan

    A new study by an international team, including a UMass Amherst wildlife ecologist, has for the first time documented by direct observation the presence of two rare Asian wild goat species in... More

  • What's Old is New

    UMass researchers revive '70s framework for water resources management

    Surprise and uncertainty are becoming more common in water resource planning, says University of Massachusetts Amherst water resource researcher Timothy Randhir, and there is a need for new... More