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  • Genius Meets Grit

    This year, persistent UMass Amherst undergraduates adapted to COVID-19 restrictions as they engaged in substantial research, exercised their creativity, and elevated campus and the community. They... More

  • Clean. Safe. Water.

    UMass startup brings revolutionary water technology to market

    Early on in her academic career, as an undergraduate studying environmental policy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, UMass Amherst doctoral candidate Julie Bliss Mullen was interested in water. She... More

  • Finding the Sweet Spot

    Research shows climate will impact decline of U.S. maple syrup production

    Maple syrup production, one of New England’s cultural icons and a key economic component of the region, will shift northward during the next century due to rising temperatures that will drastically... More

  • Tiny Birds, Immense Stamina

    Geolocating ‘backpacks’ help researchers identify blackpoll warbler migration routes

    Blackpoll warblers that breed in western North America may migrate up to 12,400 miles roundtrip each year, some crossing the entire North American continent before making a nonstop trans-ocean flight... More

  • Stunned by Climate Change?

    Researchers investigate ‘alarming rate’ of sea turtles stranded off Cape

    The number of cold-stunning and stranding events among young sea turtles is increasing at an “alarming” rate and has moved north from Long Island Sound to Cape Cod Bay, say researchers at the... More