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  • Green Design

    The Design Building gives sustainable research, education, and construction high visibility

    In the first-floor lobby of Holdsworth Hall sits an unusual bench. Seen from the side, its unfinished edges show three layers of wood topped by a layer of pink insulation topped by a thin concrete... More

  • The Science of Climate Change

    Expert climatologist helps public understand the local and global impacts of a warming climate

    Michael Rawlins made news in the scientific community last summer after leading an international team in publishing a synthesis study documenting how well forests in northern Eurasia are—or aren’t—... More

  • Elephants Without Borders

    UMass ecologists help to save African elephants

    What is the greatest threat to elephants in our world? If you guess habitat loss, you are out of date. Poaching is now the primary threat to African elephants, with some countries losing half of... More

  • Bats Beware

    Ultrasonic signal will warn bats away from wind-turbines

    A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Texas A&M University is developing a blade-mounted, ultrasonic whistle for wind turbines that will protect bats by warning... More

  • Environmental Nanoscience

    Understanding nanoparticle behaviors in water systems

    With a typical concentration of 10 to 100 million nanoparticles per liter of natural water, nanoparticles are ubiquitous in the environment and influence important environmental processes such as... More