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Energy and Materials

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  • Stellar Systems

    First observations of multiple star system formation support model predictions

    An international team of astronomers has reported the first multiple-star system to be observed during the earliest stage of formation. This finding supports model predictions by UMass Amherst... More

  • Sustainable Biofuels

    Celebrated biochemist leads the charge for sustainable fuels of the future

    Biochemist Danny Schnell sees a time in the not-so-distant future when automobiles will run solely on electricity but air travel will still depend on liquid fuel. Given this expected evolution in... More

  • Next Generation

    Undergraduate researchers take on the challenges of wind energy

    The 13-year delay in the proposed Cape Wind project in Massachusetts reveals the critical need for an integrated approach to offshore wind energy development that works mutually toward an efficient,... More

  • Advanced Design

    Researchers develop 3D printing capabilities to improve health and treat disease

    A team of UMass Amherst researchers led by professor Sundar Krishnamurty are testing newly acquired high-end 3D printers as part of an advanced design and fabrication (ADDFab) effort aimed at... More