• UMass Amherst Anthropology Professor Whitney Battle-Baptiste sitting in her office in the Du Bois Center

    Confronting Race

    Historical archeologist propels social change by listening to the past

    As a PhD student at the University of Texas, Whitney Battle-Baptiste walked into her advisor’s office one day brandishing a hefty folder of anthropological research on captive Africans. Her advisor’s... More

  • Chalk sketch of human stomach and intestines and the microbes live there.

    Do Food Preservatives Effect Us?

    UMass food scientists find transient effects on gut microbiome

    Antimicrobial compounds added to preserve food during storage are believed to be benign and non-toxic to the consumer, but there is “a critical scientific gap in understanding the potential... More

  • Close up of colorful Christmas tree lights.

    Paving the Way for Non-Electric Batteries

    "Christmas light" polymer chain provides new way to store energy

    Materials chemists have been trying for years to make a new type of battery that can store solar or other light-sourced energy in chemical bonds rather than electrons, one that will release the... More

  • UMass Amherst Political Science Associate Professor Kevin L. Young

    Exposing Power

    Scholar uses data to pinpoint how corporations gain political advantage

    Kevin L. Young is not one for easy answers. In fact, when it comes to beating corporate lobbyists at their own game, Young is a lot more interested in finding the right questions.

  • UMass Amherst students Bryan Bowman, Shelby Cox, Jamar Hawkins, Brandon Johnston, Xin Liu and Kaitlyn McGarvey sit on a bench outside Old Chapel.

    Research Ambitions

    Student achievements set the course for future success

    As the commonwealth’s flagship public research university, UMass Amherst provides a unique opportunity for students to conduct hands-on research early in their academic careers. This semester, we... More

  • UMass Amherst Professor Erik Learned-Miller stands among the GPU farm at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center.

    Deep Learning Boost

    Campus poised to attract top talent with new GPU cluster

    With a new cluster of specialized graphics processing units (GPUs) now installed, the University of Massachusetts Amherst is poised to attract the nation’s next crop of top Ph.D. students and... More