The University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • picture of person in a suit pointing at a honeycomb grid that contains words associated with factors that contribute to energy consumption and the environment.

    Climate Change Economics

    UMass expert examines energy policy in the face of climate change

    One of the most pressing economic decisions that must be considered regarding current energy portfolios is the cost of climate change. UMass Amherst professor Erin Baker, an expert in decision making... More

  • A young woman of color aims her camera at the reader.

    Hear Our Stories

    Narrative intervention helps disenfranchised families find their voice

    What constitutes an “acceptable” family? When it comes to teen parents, society’s negative assumptions—often based on racist, classist, and sexist sentiment—can be an obstacle to improving the lives... More

  • picture of white check box over wordcloud of descriptive terms

    Safeguarding Democracy

    UMass Poll's innovative methods increase voter independence

    Outside of elections, polls are one of the surest ways for voters to get the attention of their elected officials and have their voices heard. But in an age of increasing partisanship, how do... More

  • Picture of people working gathered in a circle.

    Computing for the Common Good

    UMass computer scientists create technology to do good in the world

    In 2017, when Professor Laura Haas was recruited to lead the campus’s newly created College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS), she knew she wanted to distinguish the college in some way. “I... More

  • Mapping the Brain

    UMass Amherst scientists use revolutionary approaches to illuminate human behavior

    How do electronic signals in the brain translate to experiences? It’s the “hard question of consciousness.” What happens in our brain when we make the choices we do? Scientists at UMass Amherst are... More

  • Paul Musgrave stands near the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

    Partisan Politics

    Political scientist exposes how partisanship is changing American politics

    During his sophomore year of college, UMass Amherst political science professor Paul Musgrave awoke to a changed world. “I remember a Tuesday morning I was sleeping in because I didn’t have any early... More