• Picture of a white sports top with a sensor imprinted on it.

    Empowering Technologies

    The UManage Center advances the science of self-care

    With chronic illness on the rise and medical personnel in demand, helping people manage symptoms at home has become critical to patients’ ability to take charge of their own health. One key challenge... More

  • MOCHA leaders meet with UMass Amherst program manager Jeffrey Markham, Jr. at the UMass Center in Springfield, MA.

    Healing from Within

    UMass center fosters health equity through community partnership

    Poverty, discrimination, and lack of social support take a toll on well-being that’s hard to measure and even harder to alleviate. That is especially true for low-income African American men, a... More

  • Close up of chip design on yellow diagnostic patch

    Improving Human Health

    Biomedical engineering blends disciplines for medical innovation

    "A biologist, a doctor, and an engineer walk into a room . . .” could be an opening line for UMass Amherst’s Biomedical Engineering program. Launched in 2017, it blends engineering, medicine,... More

  • Jeanne Hardy stands in front of a black wall with equations on it.

    Prize-Winning Science

    Chemist Jeanne Hardy untangles the mysteries of Alzheimer's disease

    The challenges wrought by Alzheimer’s disease are increasing with the graying of society in the developed world. Although no suitable treatments for Alzheimer’s disease exist, recent discoveries by... More

  • Rising Researcher students stand in the lobby of the Olver Design Building.

    Finding Their Path

    Research experiences help students chart a course for the future

    Hands-on research is a hallmark of undergraduate education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We honor eight students from across campus with the Rising Researcher Award in recognition of... More

  • Biologist Jeff Blanchard collects soil samples surrounded by students at Harvard Forest.

    Hidden Beneath Our Feet

    UMass scientists find giant viruses in Massachusetts soil

    Until recently, scientists thought of viruses as mostly small infectious agents, tiny compared to typical bacteria and human cells. So imagine the surprise when UMass Amherst biologist Jeff Blanchard... More