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Networked Decision-Making

Analyzing big data to understand complex social systems

In our increasingly digital age, the collection, storage and analysis of large-scale data offer a window to the inner workings of our social world and collective interactions. At... Read

The Road to Freedom

Esteemed historian pieces together untold stories of slavery in the Americas

Historical accounts of slavery and emancipation in the Americas abound in school textbooks and history classes, but according to UMass Amherst historian Barbara Krauthamer, there... Read

School's Out

Research Reveals Standardized Tests Have Negative Impact on Parents' Civic Engagement

New research by UMass Amherst political scientist Jesse Rhodes reveals that parents of public school students in states with more extensive and stringent student assessment... Read

Blade Runner

Engineering the next generation of turbines for wind energy

As wind energy technology has seen a dramatic reduction in cost over the past decade and is now competitive with nuclear and fossil fuels for electric power generation in many... Read

Floral Transmitters

Researchers offer first systematic review and recommendations on disease transmission via flowers

As hubs for bees and pollinators, flowers are little studied but may be crucial in disease transmission. “Almost nothing is known regarding how pathogens of pollinators are... Read