University of Massachusetts Amherst

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  • Picture of biowires and electrodes on brown background.

    Green by Design

    Scientists engineer new bacteria that spins out tiny, sustainable nanowires

    A group of researchers led by UMass Amherst microbiologist Derek Lovley have genetically designed a new strain of bacteria that spins out extremely thin and highly conductive wires made up solely of... More

  • UMass Amherst Professor Brian Levine in the staircase of the Information and Computer Science building.

    Navigating Cybersecurity

    Networking expert sees many sides of Internet privacy

    Brian Levine wants to have a conversation with you about security and privacy. A network security expert and UMass Amherst professor in the College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS), Levine... More

  • Computer-generated image of Dengue Fever.


    Team develops new data analytics to improve disease epidemic prediction

    Communicable disease epidemics place a huge burden on public health systems around the world, and techniques for predicting outbreaks to date have not adequately addressed public health officials’... More

  • UMass Professor Mark Leckie and graduate student Raquel Bryant and the STEMSEAS team aboard ship.


    Growing diversity in the geosciences workforce

    Nine undergraduate STEM students from across the country took to the seas this spring on a 10-day oceanography voyage from San Diego to Hawaii as part of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) STEM... More

  • Kenyan child holds water pump handle while other children and adults look on.

    Blueprint Brigade

    UMass students engineer clean water projects and good will in Kenya

    Time Magazine calls it the “Blueprint Brigade.” The International Engineers Without Borders (EWB) organization, headquartered in Colorado, now runs over 350 water, renewable energy, sanitation, and... More

  • UMass Professors Peggi Cluston and Alex Shreyer point out timber shell features to onlookers at Fine Arts Center concorse.

    Teaching Structure

    Students design intricate dome to promote awareness of wood construction

    A massive and intricate wooden dome, known in technical circles as a timber grid shell, temporarily adorns the plaza of the campus's Fine Arts Center. The dome was engineered and constructed by... More