University of Massachusetts Amherst

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  • UMass Amherst professor Amel Ahmed stands in the Integrative Learning Center.

    Electoral Perspective

    Acclaimed political scientist says small electoral reforms have big impact

    Political scientist Amel Ahmed focuses her work on what she calls “esoteric topics, such as small electoral reforms” that, she says with a laugh, don’t always spark the liveliest of conversations at... More

  • Image of taxi signs on top of vehicles lined up in traffic.

    Nanopartical Taxicabs

    New materials can identify, collect and transport debris on cell surfaces

    Inspired by proteins that can recognize dangerous microbes and debris, then engulf such material to get rid of it, polymer scientists led by Todd Emrick at the University of Massachusetts Amherst... More

  • UMass Professor Baoshan Xing and his students with plants in the greenhouse

    Clean Soil, Safe Food

    Environmental and soil chemist works to make the world a healthier place

    Identified as a most highly cited researcher in the area of environmental and ecological sciences by Thompson-Reuters for the past three years, Baoshan Xing, an environmental and soil chemist in the... More

  • Salt flats in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

    Water, Desert, and Salt

    UMass Amherst researchers tackle an Atacama Salar mystery

    The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest non-polar desert in the world. Rain gauges have stood in the desert for seventy years but never caught a drop of rain. Here, the ambient temperature gets so... More

  • Six Rising Researcher student award winners stand in a group in the UMass Du Bois Library special collections room

    Top Talent

    Undergraduates honored for their extraordinary achievements

    Every few years an undergraduate researcher comes through Alejandro Briseño’s laboratory with extraordinary talent. Such scientists, says the polymer science and engineering professor, are in the top... More

  • The Large Millimeter Telescope points up to the sky at dawn.

    Outrageously Luminous

    Undergraduate discovers galaxies brighter than any previously known

    Astronomers are used to describing the brightest galaxies in the cosmos as “ultra-luminous” or “hyper-luminous.” Kevin Harrington ’16 has discovered eight galaxies so much brighter than any... More