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  • Manager and consultant confer in a modern office.

    Public Account

    How Social Mismatches Impact the Collection of Auditor Evidence

    Auditing is a critical tool for effective governance which relies on independent auditors who can gather all the facts. Recent research by UMass Amherst behavioral audit research expert Bradley... More

  • UMass Amherst Professor Frank Mangan stands with two Community Partners holding ethinic crops in front of mural.

    Community Harvest

    Partnership helps low income and immigrant populations connect with healthy food

    In a new collaboration, UMass Amherst is helping to improve the health of low-income residents, including immigrant groups, in Worcester, Mass., by offering ethnic vegetables, recipes, and cooking... More

  •  A digital collage of pieces from “Ten Thousand Wonderful Things.”

    10,000 Wonderful Things

    Treasures of campus science and art gathered at the University Museum

    Artist Anne Beresford calls the exhibition she has curated at the University Museum of Contemporary Art “Ten Thousand Wonderful Things,” but for her the most difficult aspect of curating the... More

  •  A family group of African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) approaches a water hole in Botswana.

    Elephants Without Borders

    UMass ecologists help to save African elephants

    What is the greatest threat to elephants in our world? If you guess habitat loss, you are out of date. Poaching is now the primary threat to African elephants, with some countries losing half of... More

  • Image of DNA sequencing green, red and blue

    Food Safety

    Researching the genomics and community ecology of bacteria

    Identifying and understanding interactions of environmental bacteria in food facilities is critically important for food safety. Utilizing cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies, UMass Amherst... More

  • Female child sleeping with stuffed animal

    Why Do We Sleep?

    Rebecca Spencer investigates the cognitive function of sleep and its impact on health and behavior

    It’s time to challenge our assumptions about the function of sleep. Long thought to be a way for muscle and bone to get much needed rest, there is mounting evidence that the brain, and its many... More