University of Massachusetts Amherst

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  • A $3.2 million, 7.3-ton, 3-Tesla magnet is rolled into place by two workmen.

    Magnetic Pull

    Receipt of seven-ton Tesla will expand regional life science opportunities

    The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) recently took delivery of a $3.2 million, 7.3-ton, 3-Tesla magnet and related equipment for use in its Human Magnetic Resonance (MR) Center in the Life... More

  • Profile of a man's face staring at the bronze face of a gorilla.

    What Makes Us Human?

    Powerful new DNA sequencers help in the quest for answers

    Human DNA—the genetic material that defines so many of our characteristics—is remarkably similar to DNA of great apes, such as chimpanzees and gorillas. So what distinguishes us from our closest... More

  • UMass Amherst history professor Christian Appy sits in his office with his books.

    The Human Side of War

    Social historian explores the Vietnam War’s effects on American culture and identity

    Historian Christian Appy had been taking a break from academic life when he arrived on the UMass Amherst campus in 2004. Having just completed a monumental oral history of the Vietnam War called... More

  • UMass Amherst Professor Prashant Shenoy holds a smart meter

    Building Privacy Into Smart Buildings

    Prototype programmable building will test privacy applications

    As more smart grids and buildings are fitted with digital electric meters, Web-enabled appliances and lighting, programmable outlets and switches, and intelligent HVAC systems that rely on Internet-... More

  • Arctic tundra landscape in Denali National park, Alaska

    The Science of Climate Change

    Expert climatologist helps public understand the local and global impacts of a warming climate

    Michael Rawlins made news in the scientific community last summer after leading an international team in publishing a synthesis study documenting how well forests in northern Eurasia are—or aren’t—... More

  • closeup of integrated circuit in red and yellow

    Ultra Cool

    Characterizing cryogenically cooled electronics

    Ultra-sensitive wide-band electronic systems have wide-ranging scientific and commercial applications in radio astronomy, quantum communications, and ultra-high speed digital systems. With a major... More