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Some sponsors request that indirect costs do not exceed a percentage of total project costs. In these instances, the percentage rate of indirect on total project costs will be lower than the standard method method of calculating percentage of indirect costs on total direct costs. To calculate indirect costs on total project costs, use this formula:

Calculation: Direct costs/(1 –allowed indirect rate) = Total Costs
Total costs - Direct costs = Indirect costs


A sponsor limits Indirect Costs (IC) to 22% of total costs

Assume direct costs (DC) - tuition charge (TC) - equipment costs (E) - dollars over $25K on each subcontract (SubK) = $150,000 (Modified Total Direct Costs - MTDC)

$150,000/ (1-.22) = $150,000/.78 = $192,307 Total costs

$192,307 - $150,000 = $42,307 Indirect costs

Indirect rate = $42,307 IC/$150,000 DC = 28.21% on total direct costs (remember to add TC, equipment costs and dollars over $25K for each subcontract back into total costs after determining indirect costs).

Once the percentage of indirect costs on total direct costs is determined, you can use this rate to apply it as a regular indirect rate on modified total direct costs.

  1. Figure out Direct Costs (DC), and subtract tuition charge (TC) - equipment costs (E) - dollars over $25K on each subcontract (SubK) = $150,000 (MTDC)
  2. (DC-TC-E-SubK) x .2821= Indirect costs
  3. (DC- TC-E-SubK) + Indirect = Subtotal
  4. Take subtotal and add back in TC, E & SubK = Total costs


This is a copy of an email that went out to active PIs and Business Managers. It is a description of recent important NIH Announcements regarding sponsored activities. A composite of these announcements will soon be available on the Proposal Development>Sponsor Specific Resources>NIH website.

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Summer Salary Waiver Request Form for Academic Year Faculty

In accordance with the Provost's policy on voluntary recovery of academic year salary and its associated preclusion to summer effort exceeding 83.3% of summer period on federal or state sponsored projects, the Academic Year Faculty Summer Salary Waiver Request Form is used to document effort commitments and request the waiver.  Please follow the instructions on sheet 2 of the Excel spreadsheet to complete the form.  An example is shown on sheet 3.

Requests for waiver should be sent to the Provost's Office at

Please note that waivers will be granted only under extenuating circumstances and with the required assurances by faculty that no non-sponsored project activities will take place during the period of compensation.


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Contingent Worker Form

Note that the Contingent Worker form for PeopleSoft is no longer sent to the Office of Research & Engagement.

Please download the Contingent Worker Form for PeopleSoft by clicking on the "Download File" link at the right. Note that the instructions for submitting this form were changed on March 12, 2018.  Please be sure to read these instructions on Page 1 carefully.

The Access to Research Electronic Data Systems page defines all other requirements to gain access to the Kuali system. When all criteria have been met, Kuali user setup will be completed and a confirmation email will be sent back the requestor indicating setup completion.


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