Tips for Navigating e-Protocol

Avoid using your browser's BACK or FORWARD buttons

  • Instead of the BACK or FORWARD button, use the menus and links within the application to navigate.
  • Each section is listed in the menu on the left. Select the section you wish to view form this menu. e-Protocol will automatically save information when you move from one screen to the next.
  • IMPORTANT: When you are within the Protocol Information section, there are several subsections that must be completed. These subsection DO NOT appear in the menu on the left. To move among these subsections, you must click on the page icons across the top of the page, or use the arrow icons in the top right corner of the screen.
  • When you have completed the Protocol Information and Obligations sections, you will no longer be able to advance with the arrow or page icons. At this stage, you must click on Check for Completeness or another item in the menu on the left, in order to proceed.

Note that all fields must be filled in

  • If a particular section does not apply to your protocol, DO NOT leave that section blank. Simply type N/A in the appropriate box(es).

Be patient

  • Some processes can take a minute to run. Although data is loading, your browser may not indicate activity.

Be prepared

  • A person listed as study personnel in the IRB application is required to take the human subjects training.  Any individual who is interacting and/or intervening with human subjects or handles the personally identifiable data of a human subject is considered study personnel. Study personnel who are involved in the informed consent process should also be included on the IRB study personnel list.  Additional training requirements may be required by local review boards

Read the instructions

  • Many pages in the application offer instructions right on the page to help guide you and answer most common questions. You can also use the help documentation for each page by clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner of each screen.

Sign out when done

  • To protect your private information, always log off and shut down your browser completely (close all browser windows) when you are finished using e-Protocol.