Tips and Hints for Talking with (or Meeting) your Program Officer

In winter 2013, a research development listserv took up the question of how to prepare for talking with a program officer.  We have collected three articles and a document with comments that were embedded in four emails, some from former program officers.  Opinions are somewhat mixed about whether it is worthwhile to travel to D.C. for face-to-face meetings, but even those who counsel against it, recommend trying to take advantage of PO presence at professional meetings--so face-to-face meetings get strong recommendations over all.

The articles and comments are all pretty direct (and give converging advice), so we'll just give you the materials--and invite questions (to the Office of Research Development proposal specialists at this website).

Note that this article by Robert Porter of the University of Tennessee includes a model "pre-abstract" that most people recommend you send in advance of your conversation or meeting.

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Collected emails (pdf)

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