Subvention Program

Resources from the Internal Funding Opportunities Information Session, September 22, 2023 (includes Faculty Research Grant, VCRE Subvention Program, Armstrong Fund for Science, and Public Service Endowment Grants):

Program Description

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement's Subvention Program assists faculty with the cost of producing books and scholarly publications, and creative work in the visual and performing arts. Subvention funds may be paid directly to a vendor or sponsor or may also be paid to the faculty member as reimbursement.

This fund is meant to supplement other sources of funding available to faculty members. Requests for subvention typically exceed the funding available from this program, so faculty members are encouraged to pursue support from their departments and other available sources, preferably before applying for this funding. The priorities for this fund include projects that will advance faculty toward tenure or promotion and project-related expenses charged to the faculty member.


  • UMass Amherst faculty having tenure-track, tenured, or emeritus/a status may apply.
  • All eligible works must be complete at the time of application, e.g.: accepted manuscript, mixed and edited master recording, finished paintings or sculpture, etc. 
  • Work may cover any discipline and may be in any language.
  • Publications must be scholarly works written solely by the faculty member. Translations are eligible when the translating is undertaken by a faculty member. In fields where multiple authors are common, projects with more than one author may be considered. Creative works must be produced/performed solely by the faculty member or, in the case of a multi-artist work, the faculty member must be featured prominently.
  • Subvention support is available to individuals once in a three-year period. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply without prejudice.
  • Faculty members who are on leave without pay, whose appointments are not being renewed, or who will resign their appointments at the end of the current academic year may not apply.
  • Faculty members who have or will receive a cash advance or significant royalties for the work from the publisher/producer/organizer are ineligible. 
  • Subvention recipients may not be an agent or employee of the work’s publisher/producer/host institution. 

Subvention funds will not support

  • The publication of textbooks.
  • Re-publication, reissuance, re-exhibition, re-performance, etc., of any work, including translations of already published work by UMass faculty.
  • Routine author/creator activities including, but not limited to, indexing, copyediting, the purchase of copies, and page or reprint costs of articles in professional journals. 
  • Works covered by a contract that contains conditions (e.g., legal, financial, or compliance-related) deemed unacceptable by the University.

Funding Priorities

The Subvention Review Committee will take into consideration:

  • Works that figure prominently in promotion and tenure decisions.
  • Faculty members who have not previously received subvention support.
  • Elements that may contribute to unusually high production costs, e.g., artwork, photos and images, maps, tables, and other costly aspects of production, distance to exhibition site, etc.

Support Acknowledgment

All works supported by the Subvention Program must include in the acknowledgments section of the book, program, cover, etc., “Financial support was provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, University of Massachusetts Amherst.”

How To Apply: 

Faculty members who request subvention funds must complete an application on the UMass Amherst InfoReady platform. Access the application form.

The following documents will be required:

  1. A proposal narrative. A concise description of the book or creative project which explains the work’s significance to the discipline or field, its role in your larger research/creative agenda, why and for what specific purpose(s) subvention funds are required. Describe and explain the reason for any out of the ordinary expenses. Excerpts from reader reports, reviews, etc., may be included. Maximum length: two pages.
  2. A budget. Prepare a budget that estimates the work’s total production costs, including costs of the specific items for which subvention support is requested. List the other sources of support that will make up the balance of the production cost and whether they are confirmed or pending. Maximum length: one page.
  3. The contract and any pertinent documentation from the publisher, producer, or sponsor of the creative activity. Translation of documents not written in English is required.
  4. A brief CV. Maximum 3 pages.


For More Information: 

For program information, email