Subawardee Documentation

Subawardee (also known as Subrecipient or Subcontract) Documentation

Here’s what to request from prospective subawardee(s) on any proposal. OPAS requires these items before the proposal can be submitted to the sponsor.

  1. A UMASS Sub-Recipient Commitment Form filled out by the subawardee with original signature signed by their authorized signing official (OPAS equivalent). The form may be found here: UMA Sub-Recipient Form
  2. Statement of work (subawardee specific - does not include UMass Amherst effort)
  3. Subawardee budget (use sponsor format if required).
  4. Subawardee budget justification.
  5. Biosketch in sponsor format for all senior personnel.
  6. Current and Pending Support/Other Support forms for all senior personnel (if required)
  7. Collaborator and Other Affiliations Form/List of Conflicts of Interest for Selection of Reviewers (if required)
  8. Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (if the subawardee is charging indirect costs)
  9. Fringe rate agreement if it is not in the Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
  10. Letter of commitment or collaboration (if required by sponsor)

The subcontractor should send their materials to you so you can review their budget, budget justification, and statement of work. If it meets your expectations, combine the documents into a single PDF document and attach in the Internal Attachment tab of Kuali before routing the proposal.

Subcontracts without a budget, budget justification, statement of work and subrecipient commitment form will not be considered complete, and the proposal will not be logged into OPAS without these items.

Your subcontractor PIs should be encouraged to make sure that they are taking their current fringe and indirect cost rates into account before they negotiate a bottom line with you.