SmartGrant Internal Processing Form (IPF) Improvements Implemented July 27, 2017

These changes were made in response to feedback from users on suggested improvements to the Internal Processing Form and the ease of completion in the system. The update will provide a new style of user interface in which some fields are mandatory and if left blank will return immediate messaging back to the users when updated (or saved).  Entries must be made in all required data fields before the form will be considered complete. 

This enhancement will allow only completed forms (as defined above) to be submitted to OPAS for review.  It is, however, critical that accurate data be entered into the form since inaccurate information can impact our ability to meet pending deadlines.  We have had several instances of incorrect sponsor due dates, sponsor names, and email addresses for sponsor recipients on email-only submission proposals.  Incorrect deadlines and sponsor contacts can result in a deadline being missed. 

Furthermore, the IPF must pass validation for completeness before SmartGrant electronic routing can begin.  

Detail on Changes in the Creation of Internal Processing Form for new proposals:

  • All Internal Processing form fields are now presented to users in new user interface screens.   
  • SmartGrant Internal Processing form will not be completed until all fields have passed new logic rules built into the user interface screens.  See below for logic details.
  • SmartGrant electronic routing will not start until ALL of the fields have passed new logic rules built into the user interface screens.  See below for logic details.
  • The following are new fields on the Internal Processing Form:
  1. Tuition Waiver section - Number of Semesters
  2. Indirect Cost – Cost Share Source section – Unrecovered
  3. Compliance section - Recombinant or synthetic DNA technology or other deliberate manipulation of a gene or genome (replaces both “Recombinant DNA” and “Synthetic DNA”)
  4. Compliance section - Particularly Hazardous (refer to the EHS website or contact them for a list of substances)
  • The following have been removed from the Internal Processing Form:
  1. Project Type section – Other Description
  2. Sponsor Information section – Sponsor Email Address
  3. Subcontractor section – Check box to indicate a Subcontract on Printed Form
  4. Subcontractor section – Check box to indicate a Prime Sponsor on Printed Form
  5. Budget and Period section – Total Project Indirect Cost Rate
  6. Compliance section – Recombinant DNA
  7. Compliance section – Synthetic DNA
  • The following logic is now built into the user interface:
  1. Sponsor Due Type section – If a Due Date is exists in the Sponsor Deadline field (populated from Due Date - Intro Proposal Data screen) one or many of the following Sponsor Due Type is required:    Electronic Submission , By Mail, By Email.
  2. Sponsor Due Type section – Electronic Submission – If selected, the URL or Login Name/Password is required.
  3. Sponsor Due Type section – By Mail – If selected, either Postmark or Receipt is required.
  4. Sponsor Due Type section – By Mail – If Postmark or Receipt are selected, Sponsor Address and Sponsor contact is required.
  5. Sponsor Due Type section – By Email – If selected, the Name of Recipient and Email Address is required.
  6. Budget and Period section – YR1 Cost Share Dollars or Total Project Cost Share Dollars - If a dollar amount exists (populated from Budget) in either dollar field, one or many of the following is required to be completed in full:  I. First Cost Share Source,  II. Additional Cost Share Source, III.  Additional Cost Share Source, IV.  Indirect Cost – Cost Share Source.
  7. Cost Share section – Tuition Waiver – If YES is checked, Number of students and Number of semesters are required.
  8. Compliance/Export section – All YES or NO fields are required to be checked either YES or NO (they are defaulted to blank).
  9. Facilities section – If YES is checked, Building and Room are required.
  10. Facilities section – If NO is checked, Description of space, SQFT, Source, Building and Room are required.
  • The following fields have been moved to a new location on the Internal Processing Form:
  1. Sponsor Information section – Sponsor Address moved under By Mail.
  2. Sponsor Information section – Sponsor Contact moved under By Mail.


Pre-existing Internal Processing Forms built prior to update:

  • Any pre-existing IPF built prior to this update that is accessed after the update will Print the updated version of the IPF (07-01-2017).  The older versions will not be saved.  If you would like an old version IPF (October 1, 2014) copy, please access the IPF prior to the update to Print and Save.
  • If the GPID is in IPEN status (In Routing) the IPF should have been fully completed and not be changed.  Please communicate any potential changes to the SmartGrant support staff.    
  • If the GPID is in DEV status (In Development) please access the IPF prior to routing and follow the IPF logic required as these will use the new format.


SmartGrant support notes:

  • To send a question, get help, or report an issue please click   Please Include as much information as is relevant, e.g. GPID#, what you are seeing that is troublesome, etc., to help us diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.
  • We are taking this opportunity to introduce Paul Brozek who has recently joined the SmartGrant Support Team.  Paul has extensive software implementation and user support experience.  He will act as the initial contact for all SmartGrant support issues and you will start seeing responses from him directly as problems are reported through the SmartGrant user support form.  With Paul Brozek monitoring all of the user support activity we request that users do not email or call an individual at OPAS or OPAM with SmartGrant support issues. The SmartGrant user support form will automatically copy ALL of the SmartGrant support staff which allows for efficient prioritization and management of all user support issues and will improve our turnaround response times back to our users.
  • For additional information see‐systems/smartgrant. There are SmartGrant Guides at the bottom of the page.