Research Administration Mentorship Program (RAMP)

The RAMP has two main components. The first is an orientation program, followed by optional one-on-one pre-award mentorship.

Orientation Program

The orientation program is meant to introduce new staff in departments and colleges to key concepts essential to research administration. The orientation program provides practical and useful information, such as:

  • Introduction to University research offices, policies and processes
  • Fundamentals of research administration (OMB Uniform Guidance)
  • Tools and methodologies for pre-award administration
  • Understanding the regulatory environment
  • Budgeting

People will walk away with a general understanding of research administration as well as practical tools and methods to get a good start in their new position. The group format also fosters connections among new research staff on campus. Sessions are posted on the Workplace Learning and Development (WLD) workshop page:

For any other questions, please contact Ian Raphael at

One-on-One Mentorship

During the second phase of RAMP,  Pre-Award Research Administrators are available to mentor staff one-on-one in learning new job responsibilities related to proposal support. We offer:

  • Introduction to campus electronic research administration systems
  • Active mentor shadowing and reverse shadowing on specific proposals so new staff can gain experience and confidence
  • Review of proposal materials to vet for possible compliance issues
  • Pre-Award Research Administrator consultations on specific issues related to proposals

For more information, please contact Ian Raphael at