Research Development Support for Large-Scale/Complex Proposals

Research Development Support for Large-Scale/Complex Proposals:

  • Pre-solicitation competitive intelligence research: Gather, synthesize, summarize, and present information (from awarded proposals, government reports, best practices manuals, etc.) that the faculty team can use to frame and develop the proposal.
  • Networking/Partnering: Help identify prospective partners and collaborators across campus and at other organizations/institutions. Facilitate meetings/workshops designed to refine the project vision and build relationships among collaborators, as needed.
  • Proposal development/grantsmanship: Provide comprehensive consultation on complex proposals, with attention to overall structure and non-science program components, such as: administrative and other center cores; education, outreach, inclusivity plans; evaluation. Conduct grantsmanship review of proposal narrative.
  • Stakeholder development: Identify and/or coordinate with industry/government/NGO partners, stakeholders, and advocates. Manage logistics of securing/documenting their support and commitment, as appropriate.
  • Cost sharing and institutional commitment: Act as liaison to state agencies and coordinate institutional commitment and cost sharing, if applicable.

To request ORD services, please contact Loren Walker (, 413-577-3725)