Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (REEU)

The following is a limited submission where only two applications per institution is allowed. If you are interested in this program please email Michelle Wonsey a single PDF by noon on May 17, 2021 with the following pre-proposal requirements:

1.      A two-page summary that must include your research/project:

a.      goals
b.      objectives
c.       methods, and
d.      a short statement of competitiveness (i.e., what you think will discriminate your proposal from the competition, including anything you have done to pre-position yourself/your team for this funding opportunity)

2.      A pro forma budget, including any cost-sharing and facilities requirements and how you plan to meet them; use template:
3.      A short-form CV for the PI and each senior staff person
4.      Current and Pending Support of PI’s

The Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (REEU) program area promotes research and extension learning experiences for undergraduates such that upon graduation they may enter the agricultural workforce with exceptional skills. This initiative allows colleges and universities to provide fellowship opportunities for undergraduate students, including those from underrepresented and economically disadvantaged groups, minority-serving institutions, community colleges, and universities.

Projects must provide undergraduate students with experiential learning opportunities that include significant research and/or extension components in the food and agricultural sciences.

Within the six Farm Bill priority areas, the REEU program area is particularly interested in REEU sites focused on the USDA Science Blueprint themes:

(1) sustainable agricultural intensification;

(2) agricultural climate adaptation;

(3) food and nutrition translation;

(4) value-added innovation; and

(5) agricultural science policy leadership.

Also, of interest are the projects that provide experiences in innovative agricultural technologies, including Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, and Gene Editing.