Foreign Influence Disclosure Guidance. View campus updates and contacts that are available to provide guidance to researchers involved in international collaborations.

News from the Office of Post Award Management (OPAM): OPAM is now utilizing a new Kuali application for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at award stage; MOUs document agreement among PIs and co-PIs regarding project financials and management. Guidance on the new MOU process can be found here. R&E can help with walkthrough sessions to demonstrate the approval steps, if faculty or departments are interested. Request a session by sending an email to

Proposal Preparation Guide. The Proposal Preparation Guide contains important information intended to assist faculty and staff in the preparation of sponsored-project applications.

Campus email from Mike Malone: Research & Library Operating Plan – Version 2.0 - 7/22/20

Internal Funding Opportunities. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for one of UMass Amherst internal funding opportunities.

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Update on Re-opening Human Subject Research - 7/21/20

Official Room Capacity Signage for all entry ways of research spaces identified in approved Research and Library Operating Plans (RLOPs).

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance for Reopening Human Subject Research - 6/30/20

Proposal Response Teams help provide comprehensive support for complex, large scale, and other proposals of high priority to the campus and academic units. 

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance on Farms, Fieldwork, and Travel - 6/18/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance for Participation of Undergraduates - 6/11/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Research & Library Operating Plan (RLOP) Form Now Available - 6/3/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Reopening Research & Libraries - 5/28/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: URGENT CLARIFICATION for State Reopening Plan and Laboratories - 5/20/20

Please remember to check the Kuali Guides and Documentation site often for the most current information. A new Kuali pre-award guide has been posted to our website (Using the Correct R&R Subaward Budget).

Campus Email from Mike Malone: State Reopening Plan and Laboratories - 5/18/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Update for On-campus Research Activities - 4/24/20