Effective January 2021, the Executive Level II salary cap level is $199,300 (12-m). Details can be found here:

Monthly Sponsored Activity Reports. Did you know that each month we post summaries of sponsored activity for proposals and awards by department and sponsor to our site?

Research & Engagement is providing a simplified approach to update the Research & Libraries Operating Plans (RLOP) if there are personnel-only changes. PIs and other RLOP lead investigators can add or remove personnel on existing teams in an active RLOP (original or v. 2.0) using an RLOP Personnel Change form. R&E staff will make the necessary changes to the RLOP’s personnel lists. R&E Information Technology has created a searchable Tableau dashboard of Participants by RLOP by Team that allows RLOP leads to obtain their current participant lists easily.

See full email here.

Research Accounting in the Controller’s Office. The Research Accounting area manages the billing, reporting, and accounting of awards for grant and contract programs on the UMass Amherst campus.

The 2020 Report on Research is now in circulation! View online or as a PDF.

Cost Sharing Policy. This policy provides guidance to faculty on the circumstances under which cost sharing is permitted and the responsibilities of the campus and the researcher.

Foreign Influence Disclosure Guidance. View campus updates and contacts that are available to provide guidance to researchers involved in international collaborations.

News from the Office of Post Award Management (OPAM): OPAM is now utilizing a new Kuali application for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at award stage; MOUs document agreement among PIs and co-PIs regarding project financials and management. Guidance on the new MOU process can be found here. R&E can help with walkthrough sessions to demonstrate the approval steps, if faculty or departments are interested. Request a session by sending an email to

Proposal Preparation Guide. The Proposal Preparation Guide contains important information intended to assist faculty and staff in the preparation of sponsored-project applications.

Campus email from Mike Malone: Research & Library Operating Plan – Version 2.0 - 7/22/20

Internal Funding Opportunities. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for one of UMass Amherst internal funding opportunities.

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Update on Re-opening Human Subject Research - 7/21/20

Official Room Capacity Signage for all entry ways of research spaces identified in approved Research and Library Operating Plans (RLOPs).

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance for Reopening Human Subject Research - 6/30/20

Proposal Response Teams help provide comprehensive support for complex, large scale, and other proposals of high priority to the campus and academic units. 

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance on Farms, Fieldwork, and Travel - 6/18/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Guidance for Participation of Undergraduates - 6/11/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Research & Library Operating Plan (RLOP) Form Now Available - 6/3/20

Campus Email from Mike Malone: Reopening Research & Libraries - 5/28/20