Publication Subvention Program

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement has established a program to provide faculty with an opportunity to apply for subventions to assist in the costs of book and scholarly publication. These subventions are intended to ensure that works of significant scholarly value by UMass Amherst faculty can be published even if the prospective audience is limited. Subventions are considered particularly appropriate in cases where publication costs are unusually high due to artwork, maps, photographs, permissions and other special production elements.

The work must be (a) a scholarly work written solely by the faculty member or (b) a scholarly multi-author work of which the faculty member is sole editor. The work may be in any discipline. Subvention support will not be provided for the publication of textbooks, or for re-publication of a previously published work.  Not covered by subventions are expenses for routine author activities, such as purchase of copies by the author, indexing, or page and reprint costs of articles in professional journals.  Subventions may be paid either to the publisher or as a reimbursement for permission costs paid by the author.


UMass Amherst tenured and tenure-track faculty members at any stage of their careers, including those on emeritus appointments, are eligible to apply.

  • Specifically excluded from eligibility for support are adjunct, research, or visiting faculty members, as well as faculty members whose contracts will not be renewed for the following year and faculty members who plan to  resign their appointmentsat the end of the current year.
  • No faculty member may receive publication subvention support more than once in a three-year period. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply without prejudice.
  • In no case may the faculty member be an agent or employee of the work’s publisher. A faculty member who has or will receive a cash advance from the publisher is not eligible for publication subvention support.

Funding Priorities

When selecting proposals to fund the Publication Subvention Review Committee will take the following into consideration (not in priority order):

  • Certain presses are more prestigious than others. In some instances the contract conditions of the press are unacceptable,
  • Different stages of career can be important. Assistant professors clearly need to publish their first books as a condition of tenure,
  • The merits of the books will be considered with regard to impact and exposure for the University. All are deemed meritorious for having been chosen to be under contract for publication,
  • The issue of sole authorship versus joint authorship clearly favors single authors. When multiple authors are involved, the expectation is that all authors will equally support the subvention costs.

How To Apply: 

If a publisher asks a faculty member to seek subvention support, the faculty member should make preliminary inquiries about support from his or her department before signing a contract with the publisher. Faculty should also seek support from outside the University whenever possible.

If the department and outside funding do not cover all of the publishing costs, then the faculty member may apply to the Publication Subvention Program.

Applicants should complete the application form and indicate if additional funding is pending or confirmed. Include a signed agreement with the publisher, any relevant correspondence with the publisher, and a budget indicating total publication costs.  Please provide a brief CV or biography of the applicant.

Application form

For More Information: 

Please contact Michelle Wonsey in the Office of Research Development at 577-3726 or