Public Service Endowment Grants (PSEG)

Resources from the Internal Funding Opportunities Information Session, September 22, 2023 (includes Faculty Research Grant, VCRE Subvention Program, Armstrong Fund for Science, and Public Service Endowment Grants):

Program Description

​The Public Service Endowment Grants (PSEG) are intended to enhance the mission of UMass Amherst as a Carnegie classified "Engaged Research University." Proposals should focus on mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships between the university and off-campus community organizations and propose special projects and related scholarship that will address a community-identified problem, need, or opportunity. The use of these non-renewable awards should leverage campus and community resources and create opportunities for sustained engagement after PSEG funding has ended.

The Public Service Endowment Grants program encourages proposals for projects that will:

  • Have immediate impact on a community-identified problem, need, or opportunity, with the potential for longer term engagement and impact;
  • Build the capacity of the community partner organization, leading to increased effectiveness;
  • Advance the faculty or professional staff member’s research, scholarship, or professional activities
  • Lead to competitive proposals for sponsored research or recognition in the applicant’s discipline or profession;
  • Provide new opportunities for UMass Amherst students to advance their education and training.

The PSEG program accepts proposals for projects from full-time faculty and professional staff in all disciplines and fields. Projects must be developed in collaboration with at least one community partner organization but may include additional community partner organizations and UMass faculty and professional staff. Each partnering community organization must contribute in-kind or financial resources and identify an individual to lead their participation in the project. The organization with the main role in developing and implementing the project must be designated the Primary Community Partner Organization and may be a subawardee. Projects that engage students are encouraged, provided their involvement is integral to the outcomes of the project.

Awards: Projects start on August 1, 2024 and are one year long. The maximum request is $15,000.

Principal Investigator Applicant Eligibility:

  • Full-time UMass Amherst faculty members whose appointments extend beyond the current academic year.
  • Full-time UMass Amherst professional staff members with permanent positions.
  • Eligible applicants are limited to participation in any capacity on only one proposal in a given year.

Applicants are not eligible to serve as Principal Investigator if:

  • They hold part time or temporary appointments or positions at the university (will end before July 31, 2025) or will be separating from the university before that date.
  • They have received two PSEG awards over any seven-year period.

They have not submitted a final report or an annual survey for a previous award. Final reports and surveys for previous awards must be submitted and accepted prior to submission of a new proposal.


November 1, 2023: Applications open
February 19, 2024, at 1:00pm: Deadline for submission of proposals
April 2024: Notification of awards
August 1, 2024: Award start date
July 31, 2025: Award end date

Resources for Community and Public Engagement:

Office of Faculty Development Engagement Resources

  • Engaged Research and Teaching
  • Professional Development and Institutional Support for Engagement

How To Apply: 

Applications open November 1, 2023. Access the RFP and application form on the UMass Amherst InfoReady portal at Public Service Endowment Grant 2024.

Final Report: 

A Final Report on the outcomes and impact of your project on the form provided here is due within 90 days of the completion of the grant period.


For More Information: 

Contact for program information: