Public Service Endowment Grants - Awarded Projects

Public Service Endowment Grants Awarded Projects
2007 - Present

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"Question Everything: A Philosophy Program for High School Students," $15,000
Julia Jorati and Ned Markosian, Philosophy
Maria Pagan, Holyoke Public Library

"Institutionalizing Ethnic Studies in a Public School District: A Community-Engaged Study of Outcomes and Tensions," $15,000
Kysa Nygreen and Keisha Green, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies
Dana Altshuler, Holyoke Ethnic Studies Program, Holyoke Public Schools

"Youth Participatory Action Research with Latinx Youth to Address Behavioral Health Inequities," $15,000
Elizabeth Valdez and Aline Gubrium, Health Promotion & Policy
Melissa Blissett, Square One DBA Springfield Day Nursery


“Documenting Black History in the Connecticut Valley,” $10,810.00
Marla Miller, History
Dennis Picard, Pioneer Valley History Network

"Indigenous Culture, Foodways, and Climate Action,” $14,782.00
Kathy Wicks,  Auxiliary Enterprises

Neftali Duran, I-Collective, Inc.

“Bridging the Gap to College during Covid-19: A rapid-response intervention,” $14,459.00
Sade Bonilla, Educational Policy, Research &
Sharon Marimon, ReadyCT

"Supporting Parents Raising Bilingual Children,” $13,287.00
Megan Gross, Communication Disorders

Nayroby Rosa-Soriano, OneHolyoke Community Development Corporation
Luis R. Soria, Kelly School (Holyoke Public Schools)

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Laura Ciolkowski (Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies)
UMass College-in-Prison Initiative and Humanities Pilot Course (Franklin County Sheriff's Office), $14,735.

Elizabeth McEneany, (Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies)
iHolyoke CRECE! Creating Robust Environment to Cultivate Educators (Holyoke Public Schools), $14,869.

Chul Park (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Collaboration between University and Municipality to Decrease Economic and Environmental Burden of Sludge Disposal (Town of Athol, Athol Wastewater Treatment Plant, $15,000.

Paula Rees (Dean's Office, College of Engineering)
Engineering the Gap -- Building Bridges for Students from Holyoke/Springfield to UMass STEM (Mass 4H Youth Development Program - Springfield/Holyoke), $10, 686.

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Robert Maloy and Torrey Trust (College of Education)
Teaching Government and Civic Life with Open Educational Resources: A Standards-Based e-Book for Teachers and Students. (Amherst Regional Middle School, The Springfield Renaissance School, Gateway Regional Middle School, and Hampshire Regional Middle School) $12,000.

Airin Denise Martinez and Susan Shaw (Health Promotion and Policy)
A Community-Academic Partnership to Evaluate "Let's Move! Holyoke 5-2-1-0" (Holyoke Health Center) $12,271.

Anna Rita Napoleone (English)
Bringing Meaningful Writing Centers to Secondary Schools (Frontier Regional High School, Athol-Royalston Middle School, and Greenfield High School) $15,000.

Senay Solak (Operations and Information Management)
Improving Access and Equity for the Massachusetts Childcare Subsidy Voucher System (Massachusetts Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, New England Farm Workers Council Childcare Resource and Referral Agency) $10,708.

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Keisha Green ,Laura Valdiviezo, and Kysa Nygreen (Teacher Eduction and Curriculum Studies)
Youth-Centered Professional Development for Ethnic Studies Teachers. A Partnership of Holyoke Public Schools and UMass College of Education. (Holyoke Public Schools) $15,000

Jin Kim-Mozeleski (Health Promotion and Policy)
Frank Voices for Food Security: Using Voices of the Franklin County Community for Healthy Food Access. (Community Action Pioneer Valley) $14,948

Aline Gubrium and Mary Paterno (Health Promotion and Policy)
Evaluation and Enhancement of an Existing Community-based Program Intervention for Rural Women with OUD [Opioid Use Disorder]. (Trial Court of Massachusetts) $15,000

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Nilanjana Dasgupta (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Longitudinal Evaluation of Engagement in STEM from 5 Years of Eureka (Girls Inc. of Holyoke). $13,353  

Krystal Pollitt (Environmental Health Sciences) and Ezra Markowitz (Environmental Conservation)
Profiling Children’s Environmental Exposures in Springfield (Spatial, Temporal, and Personal) and Creating Interactive Learning Activities on the Topic. (Partners for a Healthier Community, Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition; Springfield Renaissance School). $14,850

Dean Robinson (Political Science)
Curriculum and Professional Development Relating to Themes of Health Behavior, Racism and the Social Determinants of Health (Springfield Men of Color Health Awareness (MOCHA)). $10,890

Genevieve Chandler (Nursing)
“Changing Minds, Changing Lives,” a Group-Writing Experience For Athletes (Springfield Central High School). $11,479    

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Samuel Redman and David Glassberg (History)
Climate Change and Environmental Justice: Toward a Climate Action and Resiliency Plan for Springfield. (Springfield Climate Justice Coalition; PV Planning Commission)

Caitlyn Butler and David Reckhow (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Characterization of Pharmaceuticals in Urine-compost at the Grow Food Northampton Community Organic Garden. (with Grow Food Northampton)

Ashley Woodman (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
Development and Implementation of a Respite Care Curriculum. (Association for Community Living, Inclusive Community Center, Hadley)

Antonio Martinez (College of Education)
Building Empowering Urban Youth Spaces for Developing Academic Literacies, Civic Engagement, and Racial Identities. (Holyoke High School)

Ray Kinoshita Mann (Architecture)
Nipmuc Design for Empowerment. (the Nipmuc community in Webster MA)

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Flavia Montenegro-Menezes (Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning)
Holyoke Community Development Coalition (with Olde Holyoke Development Corp & Nueva Esperanza)

Rebecca Woodland, (Educational Policy, Research, and Administration)
Instructional Rounds for Educational Leadership (with Gill-Montague School District).

Alicia Timme-Laragy (Environmental Health Sciences)
A New Source of PCBs to Waterways--Does it Pose a Health Risk?
(with Greenfield Community College, Eureka, U.S. Geological Survey)

Margaret Gebhard (Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies)
Supporting Teachers' Professional Development and Students' Disciplinary Literacy Development(with Springfield HS of Science and Technology & Springfield Central High)


Judyie Albilali, Gil McCauley, Priscilla Page (Theater)
Art, Legacy, and Community (an applied theatre production researching and dramatizing the legacy of African-American scholarship, consciousness, and culture in the Pioneer Valley)

Paula Rees (CoE), Charles Schweik (ECO), Steven D. Brewer (Biology)
Town-gown Makerspace (After-school program to engage Amherst Middle School youth in STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)

Jonathan Rosa  (Anthropology)
Youth Ethnographers Documenting and Analyzing Sociolinguistic Assets in Holyoke MA


Davis, Kathy,  TECS (SoE)
Morgan After-School Science and Engineering Club

Chipkin Stuart/HeffernanDawn  Kines./ Pub. Health
My life, my health: A proposal for sustainable chronic disease self-management programming in the communities surrounding Umass Amherst, withFranklin Cty Home Care, Highland Valley Elders, West Reg. Mass Pub Health

Hruska, BarbaraTECS (SoE)        
Intensive Summer School for Beginning English Language Learners in Holyoke Public SchoolswithHolyoke students and teachers/ contact through HPS ELE Director

Buchanan, David  Pub Health
Engaging Springfield youth in designing a violence prevention program withMOCHA (Men of Color Health Awareness); Springfield Teens

Pham, Giang  Comm. Disorders
Pilot for PAVE (Program to Acquire Vietnamese and English), withVietnameseAmer. Civic Assoc. (VACA) of Springfield


Elena Carbone  Nutrition/ Commonwealth Honors College
Community Engaged Research  Seed Grant  (ongoing)


Miller, Marla  History
Making Memories Matter: Public History and Amherst's Seniors

Fountain, Jane  Pol Sci and Pub Policy
UMass/ STS Worldwide Views on Biodiverity Collaboration

Ganz, Aura  Elec. & Computer Engineering
Wayfinding for Blind and Visually Impaired Users in Mass Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Subway System Usin UMASS PERCEPT System


Matos, Nelida  TECS (SoE)
Closing the Achievement Gap in Springfield Public Schools

Shetty, Kalidas,  Food Science
Community Food Systems to Combat Type 2 Diabetes in Springfield

Valdiviezo, Laura  TECS (SoE)
Teachers as Researchers: Investigating Language Diversity in Amherst Regional Public Schools.


Mercaitis, Pat  Comm. Disorders
Critical Issues Impacting Second Language Learners: An Innovative Training Program for Speech-Language Pathologists in the Greater Springfield Area

Davis, Kathleen TECS (Soe)
Energy Thinking, Energy Action: Teaching about Climate Change and Renewable Energy

Hoque, Simi  Nat. Resources and Conservation
Building Energy Workshop


Feldman, Alan TECS (SoE)
Supporting Novice Mathematics Teachers

Lavine, Michael  Math & Statistics
STATCOM, Statistics in the Community

Zucker, Donna  Nursing
The Hepatitis C and HI Prevention and Risk Reduction in Community Corrections Program


Maloy, Robert  TECS (SoE)
and Edwards, Sharon, Verock-O’Loughlin, Ruth-Ellen)
4Mality (4th Grade MCAS Active Learning Intelligent Tutoring System

Baker, Erin  Mech & Indust. Engineering
Decision Support for the Hitchcock Center Sustainable Building Demonstration Project