Review and Submission

Once your proposal is written and compliant with the requirements of the Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure, it is time to initiate the routing of your proposal in Kuali for internal approvals and submission to OPAS for review and submission to the sponsor.  What happens next?

  • Once the proposal routing is initiated, it is imperative that the PI or their assistant monitor the routing to insure that the proposal is continuing through the approval process. OPAS does not receive your proposal until the PI, Co-PI’s, Department Heads and Deans have approved.
  • If your proposal is not within the five day deadline, there is a late approval process that must be followed. It is outlined at the bottom of the Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure (please see link above).  If the proposal is approved under the late process, the proposal will not receive a sponsor proposal preparation compliance review due to the reduced time for staff review.  The proposal will be reviewed for policy, procedure, regulations and budgetary items.  It should also be noted that although the proposal was granted late approval, the timelines with in the five day submission procedure for the final technical submission still remains in effect and need to be complied with.
  • When the proposal is received at OPAS, the reception desk reviews the materials to insure that the proposal is complete in accordance with the Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure.  If it is complete, the proposal is logged in and the PI and the Proposal Contact will receive an email detailing the OPAS number and provides the name of the OPAS Pre-Award Administrator (reviewer) to whom the proposal has been assigned.  For a visual of the process within OPAS, please refer to the proposal flowchart.  OPAS posts their current deadline listing (requires NetID login) on the web so that you can be informed of the current workload.
  • The next communication will be from the Pre-Award Administrator letting you know that they received the proposal and outlining when the final technical documents are needed and alerting you to any issues that they may have seen based on a quick review of the documents.
  • The proposal and related RFP undergoes a more thorough review.  The Pre-Award Administrator will reach out to you with any required changes that need to be made.
  • Depending on the workflow, we make every attempt to submit a proposal the day before it is due. However, we are often faced with multiple submissions for the same deadline and it is not possible.
  • Once the Pre-Award Administrator’s review is complete, the proposal is forwarded to an OPAS Director for approval for submission.  If electronic submission the Director submits.  Other submission types are handled by other OPAS staff.

When the proposal has been submitted the PI will receive an email from the system alerting them of the submission and a request for them to participate in a survey.