Proposal Review and Submission Services

Research Administrators in the Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS) help faculty and staff navigate the successful submission of their proposals by providing the following support and expertise:

  • Review proposals and budgets for compliance with sponsor guidelines, federal and state law, university policies, procedures, and compliance regulations
  • Critically analyze sponsor program solicitations, guidelines, and policies
  • Carefully review and analyze the budget and budget justification for accuracy, congruency, reasonableness of cost, allocability, and allowability as well as compliance with sponsor guidelines, federal and state regulations, and university policies and procedures
  • Submit proposals on behalf of the university as delegated by the university’s Board of Trustees
  • Act as content and sponsor submission systems expert and liaison with sponsoring agencies
  • Review and submit Just-in-Time requests, NIH progress reports, and revised budgets
  • Monitor sponsor webpages and listservs for changes and updates to policies and procedures and communicates developments to the university’s research community
  • Work closely with colleagues in the Office of Post-Award Management (OPAM) to support and co-manage the lifecycle of a sponsored project from proposal development, review and submission through OPAM’s management of the award
  • Support the review and submission of large complex sponsored projects in collaboration with the Office of Project Management and Training and the Office of Research Development
  • Note: OPAS does not prepare or submit requests for prior approval from program officers (eg., an NSF or NIH “500K request”) and does not provide such services for PIs

Contact information

OPAS Pre-Award Research Administrators with review and submission responsibilities carry caseloads based on sponsor. See the OPAS Staff Directory for more information and contact information.

Location: Slobody Building, 101 University Drive, Suite B6, Amherst