Internal Processing Form (IPF)

The electronic Internal Processing Form (eIPF) is required to accompany every proposal submitted to OPAS for review. It is created in SmartGrant which is a software tool available to faculty and staff to assist with creating proposal budgets and routing their attached proposal for signature. See Research and Engagement e-Systems for more information and some guidance on using SmartGrant.

It is extremely important that all of the information on the IPF be accurate. OPAS uses the IPF to inform all aspects of the proposal such as the proposal deadline, proposal submission method, export control, human or animal subjects, conflict of interest, etc. The IPF must be filled out completely. If there is missing information, the IPF cannot be logged in. OPAS will contact the PI to complete the IPF so the proposal can be logged in. If an IPF still has missing information 5 days before the deadline, the PI must go through the late proposal process per the UMASS 5 day lead time for proposal policy and the IPF will need to be corrected.

The Deadline Date should be the date published in the program solicitation from the sponsor. If the deadline on the IPF is incorrect, OPAS is not responsible for a missed deadline. If there is no sponsor deadline, please put not applicable, and OPAS will assign a due date 5 days out from when the IPF is submitted.

The Submission Method for the proposal needs to be filled out completely: URL if website submission, email address, address to send hard copy.  If a website submission site requires a username & password to access it, please provide the PI’s username & password so OPAS can access the site and the proposal reviewed from that site. The version of the proposal sent to the sponsor is the official version of the proposal, so OPAS needs access to web submission portals.

If the proposal will be an email submission, please also include the full sponsor address and contact information, so a professional proposal transmission letter can be prepared.

Please indicate whether the proposal is a renewal or supplement to an existing award, and include the award number and the speed type account associated with the award. Often times, terms & conditions from the original award may pass down to the renewal or supplement, including variances in the indirect cost rate, limitations on salary, etc., so the award must be looked at to review the new proposal.

If UMASS will be a subcontractor to another institution that is applying for funds, please enter in the prime sponsor on the IPF. Federal terms & conditions flow down to subcontractors, so the proposal needs to be treated as federal funding. If UMASS has subcontractors, please enter them in to the IPF, so the funds can be correctly tracked in our databases.

The Budget Information on the IPF is pulled from SmartGrant. The budget information in Smart Grant needs to exactly match the budget submitted to the sponsor.