NSF Broader Impacts

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What are Broader Impacts? Why do I need them?

The National Science Foundation (NSF), the nation's major sponsor of fundamental research, developed the concept of broader impacts to encompass the potential of research activities to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of specific, desired societal outcomes, such as advancing research translation, improving STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, expanding the diversity of the science workforce, and increasing the public understanding of science.

This page provides information and links that researchers can draw on to develop the broader impacts components of their NSF and other research proposals.There is no boiler-plate. Each broader impacts component must be specific to, and integrated with, the research project being proposed

The NSF Broader Impacts website showcases examples of desired societal outcomes and broader impacts projects.

Visit our Broader Impacts Resources page   to learn how to develop, implement, and evaluate broader impacts activities.

Contact: For more information on developing your broader impacts plan, contact the Office of Research Development at ord@umass.edu.

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