Proposal Process

  • All proposals to external funding sources ("sponsors") in support of sponsored programs, are submitted by the Office of Grant & Contract Administration (OGCA.) This is a University policy spelled out in Trustee Document T94-034.  Your complete proposal is due to the OGCA 5 working days before the sponsor deadline See T94-034.  Your complete proposal is due to the OGCA 5 working days before the sponsor deadline See "Five Day Proposal Submission Procedure"  The steps for submission are as follows:

    Proposal Development:  The proposal is written and prepared at the PI's departmental level.  For early-stage proposal development support please contact the a member of the Research Development office.  OGCA will gladly answer questions while you are preparing your proposal, and would appreciate hearing from you when you are planning to submit an unusually large or complex proposal, especially those in response to RFP's. This will enable both parties to be more prepared and effective in the submission to the sponsor.  Pertinent information required for your proposal are contained in the FACT Sheet.    Please also be sure to pay very close attention to he requirements spelled out in the sponsors guidelines/RFP.  If you have any questions, please contact the OGCA fiscal administrator handling the specific agency.

    Proposal routing and submission Steps:

    - Complete an Internal Processing Form (IPF)  -   The IPF can be generated electronically or downloaded from the website and submitted in hard copy.  All categories must be completed and accurately reflect the characteristics (i.e. regulatory compliance, title, etc.) of the proposal being submitted.   Please be particularly careful when inputting the deadline date.

    - Electronically Route or obtain approval signatures  on the IPF.  The required signatures are the Principal Investigator (PI), Department Head/Chair, and the Dean. If this is a cross-disciplinary project, other signatures may be required; refer to instructions for electronic routing or for hard copy routing (** need links) . If other institutions are involved as subcontractors, please list them appropriately on the front page of the IPF.

    If electronically routing - follow instructions on how to attach proposal to the routing.  Please monitor the progress of the approvals to insure that your proposal does not get stuck at one of the approval levels.

    If hard copy submission, deliver the proposal, the  fully signed IPF and the guidelines to OGCA at the Research Administration Building ground floor lobby, which is across from the Newman Center, and adjacent to parking lot # 52 (visitors parking slips available at the the Reception Desk).

    REVIEW:  OGCA will review the proposal and be in contact with you if there are changes that need to be made or questions relevant to their review.  Status of your proposal is available to you on line. If there is not a deadline associated with your submission, we will make every effort to send it within 5 working days of receipt.

    SUBMISSION - Once everything is in order and the proposal is approved for submission, we will either electronically send or, xerox, package and mail the proposal to the sponsor, whichever is appropriate. A copy of the final submission if not electronic, will be forwarded to the PI along with a copy of the IPF and transmittal letter.  If an email submission, you will be cc'd in the email. 

    Please contact us at any time if you have questions (413) 545-0698 or by email