Graduate Student Fellowships

A fellowship is an award to assist a graduate student in the pursuit of his/her studies or research, usually with no requirement for service or performance, and is classified at the university as a Non-Working Fellowship.

Fellowship awards are sometimes made to individual applicants and awarded through a host institution. Others are fellowship opportunities at the institutional level led by a lead faculty Principal Investigator (PI). These awards are generally funded in response to proposals which are routed through, and endorsed by, the Office of Pre-Award Services (OPAS), and are processed with a faculty sponsor/advisor listed as Principal Investigator (PI) on internal approval documents. Each Sponsor’s guidelines and any terms and conditions must be reviewed for UMass acceptability.

Support of the fellow is provided as a stipend. Because a fellowship is not an employee/employer relationship, GEO benefits are not applicable. In addition to a stipend, there are often funds for some or all cost of education expenses in accordance with sponsor’s published guidelines. Cost of education expenses include the following:

  • Tuition - (please note, tuition credit for non-working fellows are not automatic and will be given only when the fellowship terms do not include provisions to pay the tuition. Please refer to Graduate Appointments Policies and Procedures).
  • Service Fee
  • Graduate Senate Fee
  • Student Health Fee
  • Supplemental Student Health Fee (if applicable)
  • Other expenses: Depending on the sponsor’s guidelines, other expenses such as travel, supplies, and computer purchase are sometimes allowable.
  • Indirect cost is not normally allowable

Current Fees can be found at the Office of the Bursar. See also sponsor-specific resources.

If a Fellowship application is awarded, the award is reviewed, negotiated if necessary, and processed by the Office of Post-Award Management (OPAM). Accounts are set up in the Controller’s Office under the faculty sponsor/advisor’s name. Management/supervision of expenditures on the account are the responsibility of the faculty sponsor/advisor.