Production of Reduced-Caloric Food Products by Encapsulation of Lipids in Interfacial Membranes Containing Dietary Fiber Encapsulation of Oils Using Three-Layered Interfacial Membranes Produced from Emulsifiers and Biopolymers


An improvement over other previously developed fat substitutes, this technology would produce food products containing traditional edible oils, but oil droplets are encapsulated in inedible membranes which render them indigestible by humans and certain animals. Droplets stabilized by three (or more) layers are formed using a multiple-stage process.  The interfacial membrane may be comprised of dietary fiber alone, or in conjunction with other emulsifiers and biopolymers (such as food-grade phospholipids, surfactants, fatty acids, proteins, polysaccharides).

  • Creation of low-calorie food products with similar physicochemical properties and qualities as conventional fatty food products, by using a non-digestible interfacial membrane - such as sauces, salad dressing, yogurt, desserts, soups, beverages, creamers, meat products, pet food
  • Encapsulation of oil-soluble food and non-food components inside oil droplets, such as vitamins, antioxidants, colorants, bioactive lipids, preservatives, or minerals
  • Encapsulation and protection of water-soluble food and non-food components, such as those mentioned above.
  • Controlled release, and release in response to environmental changes, (pH, ionic strength, temperature), of both oil and water soluble ingredients.

Three-layer interfacial membrane advantages:

  • Dramatically improved stability to freeze-thaw cycling
  • Improved stability to pH and salt concentration
  • Improved stability to thermal processing
  • Can be produced economically using existing production technology
  • All ingredients can be food-grade, thus, no need for FDA approval
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Available for Licensing and research collaboration
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UMA 04-16
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Michael Jaremchuk
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