Postdoctoral Benefits

Postdoctoral Policy

Post Doc Contract

Post Doc Health Insurance

Post Doc Health Insurance is no longer managed through the Office of Research Affairs but through the University's Human Resources Department.  For further details and eligibility information please see


Post Doc 5-College STEM Family Travel Initiative

Post-docs are eligible for benefits to cover the incremental cost of dependent care during professional travel (up to $1200/ year).  They may also take advantage of the UMass Amherst subscription to Sitter City. For more information about these foundation-funded benefits, visit the 5-College STEM Family Travel Initiative (SFTI) website.


All Postdoctoral Scholars can purchase an employee parking lot space based on availability as indicated by the following Parking Office guidelines:

  • All Postdoctoral scholars will pay the GEO rate, which is the minimum permit fee based on the current sliding salary scale agreement for employees.
  • Postdoctoral scholars that qualify for payroll deduction have the option of paying for the permit via 10 deductions (same as GEO, or whatever current permit fee agreement exists at that time) or by one lump sum payment.
  • Postdoctoral scholars that are paid by contract or by any other form of a compensation agreement can only pay the permit fee by one lump sum payment.

More details on Campus Parking can be found at Parking Services.