Development and Administration of Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements for Sponsored Programs


This policy establishes principles essential for the sound management and administration of grants, contracts and cooperative agreements for sponsored University programs in instruction, research, and public service.  They provide appropriate controls for the development of proposals and applications; procedures and criteria for the acceptance of grants and contracts for sponsored programs; and prudent and effective administrative and accounting controls for grant, contract and cooperative agreement administration.  This policy assigns responsibility to organizationally separated offices and individuals for each step in the administrative process, addressing both pre- and post-award administration.

The University engages in a wide variety of programs, projects, and other activities which are supported by funds from external agencies and organizations.  Funds received for such programs are held in trust by the University and are separately budgeted and accounted for.  The mechanisms used by external organizations to provide support are categorized into three types: Grants, Contracts and Cooperative Agreements.

The University's management procedures for the three general mechanisms are essentially the same.  Each is treated by the University as a specification of obligations which may require separate accountability for expenditures and evidence of performance consistent with the intentions of the sponsor.

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