Animal Care Service Ordering Procedure

  • NEW! As of 9/1/2023, all live animal orders including aquatics, farm animals, etc. must be submitted through the online Animal Order Request Form. This is necessary in order to track animal usage on approved protocols.
    • Requests using any of the old pdf order forms will not be accepted.
  • In the case of aquatics and farm animals, you will still be able to procure your own animals, as long as you go through the process of completing and submitting an order request form.
  • For animals other than aquatics or farm animals, orders must be placed by by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday for deliveries the following week.
    • Orders received after Tuesday will be processed for delivery the following week.
    • Late or rush orders may not be accepted or may incur additional fees for processing.
    • Orders will be validated* on Thursdays (*protocol approval verified, the number of animals ordered cross-checked against the number of animals approved and already used for the protocol, and cage type and housing space availability verified for room/building requested in the order).
    • Approved orders will be placed no later than Friday.
    • Contact with questions or to request clarifications regarding animal ordering or delivery.
    • After order has been placed, an electronic order confirmation specifying the delivery date and site(s) will be emailed to the ordering PI,all animal care staff who work in the area(s) scheduled to receive,animal transport personnel and ACS managers.
    • Researchers will be notified by the ACS staff via e-mail once animals have arrived and are housed.
    • If any issues are found at time of arrival, ACS will contact PI to coordinate correction to order.

Animal Deliveries

The responsibility of Animal Care Services

  • All animal deliveries should arrive on campus by 3:00 p.m. to the location(s) specified in the confirmations.
  • Animals should be unpacked and their health status and sex evaluated within two hours of delivery.
  • Evaluation of every animal delivery must be completed prior to staff departure for the day.
  • Once ACS staff confirms the animal delivery has been received, order is correct, and animals are healthy, a confirmation of receipt must be communicated via e-mail to the following: the ordering PI, all animal care staff who work in the area(s) scheduled to receive, Animal Ordering Coordinator who ordered animals and ACS managers.
  • These emails will officially document receipt and initial evaluation, and will become part of the permanent record system.

Delayed or Canceled Deliveries

  • If/when a scheduled animal delivery has been delayed and has not been received by 3:00 p.m., the ACS staff in the facility expecting the delivery MUST call ACS Animal Ordering Coordinator, ACS Managers no later than 3:15 p.m.

Note: Leaving a voice message or sending an email is not sufficient - ACS staff must speak to a live person.   

  • The Animal Ordering Coordinator will contact the vendor(s) for a delivery update and communicate information back to the PI,affected ACS staff and ACS Managers.
  • Receipt of deliveries delayed or scheduled to arrive after 3:00 p.m. will be coordinated with affected ACS staff by the Animal Ordering Coordinator and ACS Managers.
  • If/when shipment has to be canceled, the Animal Ordering Coordinator will inform ACS Managers.
  • ACS Managers will coordinate with the PI and affected ACS staff receipt of the animals.
    • NOTE: Affected ACS staff will not be required to remain late and/or work beyond their normal work shift hours in order to receive delayed/rescheduled animal deliveries.  Individual staff members may volunteer to do so for overtime pay or comp time. If no staff is available, ACS Managers will receive the animals and house them.