ORD Investigator Initiated Workshops (IIW)

The Office of Research Development (ORD) offers capacity-building programs to increase faculty competitiveness for external research funding. A new ORD program, Investigator Initiated Workshops (IIW), supports faculty-driven collaborative research projects. The aim of IIW is to catalyze collaborative research.

The ORD IIW program will provide seed funding for activities and events geared to explore or develop collaborative research projects with good potential for future extramural support. ORD will fund a range of activities including focus groups, luncheons and travel for invited speakers, travel for campus faculty visits to other institutions, research slams, group seminars, and other activities that enable faculty with common interests to explore specific extramural funding opportunities or interdisciplinary research themes.

How To Apply: 

How to apply: IIW has a rolling deadline. To apply, submit a concept paper to ORD. We will review your application, and meet with you to discuss your proposed activities and deliverables. Concept papers should be no more than two pages and contain the following information:

  • Names and departments of the faculty proposers
  • Statement of the proposed activities and the specific objectives
  • A proposed budget (matching funds allowable, but not required)
  • Approximate timeline
  • Deliverables (required), e.g. proposal to an external funding agency; concept paper, white paper or quad chart; plan for a large-scale symposium, event, or regional/national workshop, and report at 12 months listing the deliverables and outlining outcomes.

Tell us your ideas. ORD will select up to five IIW proposals each Academic Year.

Awards range between $1000 and $3000.

About ORD programs: ORD runs a range of capacity-building programs for the UMass Amherst research community. Topics include proposal development basics, grantsmanship, the specific aims page, incorporating broader Impacts, exploring opportunities in translational research, internal funding programs, and more. We sponsor talks by program officers and experts from NSF, NIH, and other agencies and foundations, and co-sponsor programs with the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR), Center for Research on Families (CRF), Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS), International Programs Office (IPO), and other units across campus.

For More Information: 

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Fechner (mfechner@research.umass.edu), 413-545-4893.