Nickel Catalyzed Synthesis of Poly-(9,9 substituted) Fluorenes Aided by an Alkyl Lithium Reagent

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This technology Provides a novel method for producing poly - (9,9 di-substituted) fluorenes, blue light-emitting semiconducting polymers useful for various optoelectronic and biological applications.  It involves the use of an organolithium reagent, a catalytic nickel (II) species and a functional ligand, enabling one-step, one-pot  polymer synthesis at ambient temperatures.  This novel synthesis route represents a significant advance in the area of semiconducting polymer synthesis.


The commercial use of this technology is the efficient production of semiconducting polymers for a wide variety of fields of use such as light-emitting diodes, commercial lighting, displays, organic electronic circuitry (switches, transistors, modulators, memory elements), photovoltaic devices, fuel cell devices, optical devices (waveguides, lasers), sensors, etc.


Simple and Efficient: The one-step, one-pot synthesis route does not require long reaction time, high reaction temperature, large amounts of expensive nickel reagents, or inert atmospheric handling of reagents. The use of nickel (II) as a catalyst reduces its use to catalytic amount, thus providing an economic transformation of monomeric materials into polymers and streamlining the production of high-performance polymers free of metal contaminants. The use of a functional ligand in the polymerization reaction eliminates the need of any external heating, leading to further cost savings.

Versatile: A wide choice of dihalogenated fluorene monomers can be used to produce semiconducting polymers with desired properties for specific end-use applications.

Environmentally Friendly: This novel approach to polyfluorene synthesis eliminates the use of toxic ligands that negatively impact the environment.

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Available for licensing and sponsored research
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UMA 06-37
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