Library Privileges at Other Institutions

Library Privileges at Partner Institutions

UMass Amherst Libraries, as the largest public academic research library in the Commonwealth, provides a rich collection of resources – both in print and electronically – to support research.  Knowing that no single library can support the diverse research interests of all faculty and researchers, the Libraries participate in a number of reciprocal borrowing programs that grant direct, in-person, borrowing privileges at partner institutions.

The best known of these is with the Five Colleges.  Faculty and researchers  can also obtain cards from the Circulation Department that provide privileges at the libraries of the Boston Library Consortium (see (link is external) for a list of these institutions) and from the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Department for the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (see (link is external) for a list of these institutions).  These programs allow faculty and researchers from participating libraries to have borrowing privileges at other libraries when the card is presented.

Access to Harvard Library

The libraries at Harvard University have unique borrowing policies and charge access fees for users not affiliated with the institution.  To support the research needs of UMass Amherst faculty and researchers at Harvard Library, the Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement will provide funding to reimburse the fee(s) for faculty (tenured or tenure-track) incurred by the faculty’s home department.  While there will be no out-of-pocket expense for the participating faculty, individuals will be responsible for all materials that they borrow from these libraries, including any fines or fees incurred.

How To Apply: 

To take advantage of this program, please follow these instructions:

  1. Bring your UMass ID or Letter of Intent (on letterhead, signed by Department Head) to Harvard Privileges Office at Harvard University.
  2. Follow your Department’s procedures for purchasing/reimbursement to purchase a “Special Borrowers Card” using your ProCard or other form of payment.
  3. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement will reimburse the Department for the cost of the “Special Borrowers Card” upon request sent to Lisa Wegiel:

For More Information: 

Please contact Lisa Wegiel at (413) 545-3881 or with questions about the program.