Instructions for CITI Training Registration

Institutional Training Requirement for the
Protection of Human Subjects in Research
University of Massachusetts Amherst

The UMASS Human Subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) has expanded on the current training by providing options for researchers to select from basic courses in either Biomedical or Social/Behavioral Research, refresher courses for both, and optional modules for all courses.  We are grateful to Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) for their work in producing and updating these modules. 

Investigators taking the training for the first time must take the CITI training basic course. Investigators whose CITI training was first completed over 5 years ago must take the refresher course.

The following instructions will direct you to the training modules:

Go to the CITI training site.



1. Select Register under Create an Account heading.

2. Select the University of Massachusetts Amherst located under the section Participating Institutions (need to begin typing university name for options to appear).

3. Enter your name and e-mail address.

4. Create your Username and Password and complete the Registration Page.

5. Select Group:

a. Step One - Review Institutional Information before you select a group;

b. Step Two - Select one of two options:

  • Biomedical Research (Note: Researchers collaborating with Baystate must take all modules).
  • Social and Behavioral Research

*NOTE: The modules for "Responsible Conduct of Research Course" or "Students in Research Course" are not adequate for IRB approval.

6. Main Menu:   Select University of Massachusetts Amherst courses and click on relevant course.

*NOTE: Before beginning courses, all researchers must complete Assurance statement.



1. Enter your Username and Password.

2. From the Learners Menu select Basic Course to begin the lesson.



1. Enter your Username and Password.

2. Under "My Courses" if the refresher course appears, click on "Not Started - Enter" to complete the Refresher.

NOTE:  You do not need to complete the course in just one session.  You are encouraged to use several "log-on" sessions, but you should take the quizzes immediately after completing each module.

If you log off the site and return at a later time, you will re-enter at the "Learner's Menu" page. Choose the Basic Course or the Refresher Course and you will be taken to the Grade Book to begin at the next required module.  The course software will keep track of your progress.  When you finish the quiz for a module, the software will give you a link to your next module or the opportunity to view the Grade Book .

When you have completed all requirements, you will be able to download a Course Completion Report . This "Report" is like a transcript and will provide a detailed record of you accomplishments and must be submitted with your human subject protocol materials when seeking IRB review of your research.

Check out the FAQs for human subjects training for more information.